Purpose Behind Politics

The purpose of iKat Chronicles is to expose the truth. Truth is like shining a light in a dark room. As with anything in life there are two ways to view truth. One is to find truth to be liberating so you can see the figurative or literal rubbish that needs to be removed, to clear the way, making a mentally visible path toward a better future, and to walk or live freely. Being responsible adults we realize nothing in this life is free nor ever easy, yet always pursuing diligently toward that which should be mutually rewarding goals, for the betterment of self, and others long term.

The dark side to truth is to become defensive, wanting to turn the light off to avoid having to take measures of ever intending to make corrections, or cope with the chore and/or discomforts of clearing a path toward a better future, thereby foregoing any proactive approach, letting someone else determine ones outcome, and potentially becoming a byproduct of the system or even a psychotropic drug. This seemingly detrimental route requires little to no effort, thought or planning. By choosing not to be proactive, and by talking to, or as if someone can cure your mental ills, one no longer looks forward or willfully chooses to care about ones own wellbeing or future. It usually entails an internal fight that will manifest itself by inflicting harm upon oneself or ultimately upon another human being(s).

This was originally written in 2009, but it’s been highly modified, yet considered then as centered around the age of instant gratification, short cuts to reach the fastest results, which have consequences. One gropes and stumbles through life and takes whatever comes ones way, and then blames others for the end result. How much has really changed? A lot actually and I’d like the opportunity to explain.

My hope is that many may come to see and know the truth of the state of our Nation, realize the light is turned on via this website, and that we as citizens are required to be diligent. We have to take action in order to make a difference. We need to be informed and educated now, just as much than ever before, as the foundation upon which our beloved country was built is still being sabotaged and attempts are being made to destroy it in short order, and change (be it good or bad) typically occurs while we sleep.

OUR political system is NOT solely President Trump’s responsibility. Nor is it fair that the responsibility be placed squarely upon his shoulders alone, as we are voting citizens of the United States of America. We are only in a temporary political transition and as he serves us, our support should be active and not applause via retweets, likes, and name calling.

Many Americans don’t even know the definition of “Congress”, let alone our “legislative process”. I will walk into the fire with the truth even if it includes our President’s daughter and her husband, because I am a patriot, a nationalist, not by default, but by God’s Infinite Plan.

Truth does not mean someone is not OK, based upon their choices, it is what it is. It’s truth. Read everything thoroughly, because there is nothing new under the sun.

Together we will stand UNITED, and together WE move onward and upward. Follow me for truths on any “side” (as if there were any clear distinction), share the various art forms and points of interest. Would you please re-learn to READ beyond 140 characters and being fed videos, enjoy yourselves and together let’s grow, grasp introspection with me, ask questions, and take time to smile. Many of us have forgotten how to laugh at silly things, because the cares of this world can and will become burdensome. Enjoy the beauty of small things God has created via my photography and words, and share mutual struggles.

You and I are not alone, nor is any one person an island. WE need each other as we were created to be interdependent beings on this beautiful earth.

So, please tell your friends and family members about iKat Chronicles via text, email, WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, or whatever form of communication you enjoy, and ask them to follow. Let us UNITE together in truth across the United States of America and beyond. The USA, our country . . . . the country many of us love, or have grown to love for various reasons, and is of great interest abroad.

Sadly, the ratio of truth seekers “here” should lean more heavily in our own homeland, but it doesn’t. One would also think there would be more financial support within our own borders for independent journalist seeking truth, but there isn’t.

Which leaves me at this. I’ve been blown off, scoffed at and blatantly ignored; meanwhile with no TV for about 10 years, I observe media, many individuals, and some with their braggadocious (yeah, I said it) noise; yet all still miss the truth about an issue in the media everyone is swatting at like gnats or deliberatly distorting.

I’ve had this truth or problem researched and proven for about a month or so, and the longer time goes by I’m finding less and less incentive as to why I should bother letting it out, as people donate their money to savvy salesmen on YouTube and Periscope in “your face” boasting their pace, in some imaginary journalist race.

I won’t do that to you, and somehow I’m not getting through.

Personalities can’t be hidden.

I’m the tortoise, not the hare . . . I will get there.

God has spared my life several times for a reason. He knows I lack technical conveniences that many take for granted. God also knows . . . . He’s in control. God alone knows the truth He bestowed, and He’s given me only a season.

If you want the truth behind the media menagerie spreading propaganda and lies to be exposed, because you love what President Trump is doing for America, then you have a choice.

The last thing I was told by someone who did me wrong, said something SO right that taught me more about my God given instincts and His voice. Like all things in life it was experience to grow, and I’ve learned to share words of wisdom from one of my most favorite bosses. The former person told me, “Always follow your gut”.

Looking back the entire experience where I was done wrong leads into another story potentially life changing story, but God gave me more experience that was ever so precious with lives on the brink . . . .  giving me greater insight shared up above. Here is your opportunity to follow your gut. It’s also my offer to you to be a form of . . . . “Your Voice“.

I’m sitting on truth, or better yet I found a huge problem, but have no solution due to the enormity.  President Trump may be interested in it and perhaps he could stop the tweets of  #FakeNews, and delegate a solution so he can relax a tad.

It’s “Your Voice” America. . . . and you do have a choice.

Always follow your gut.