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This page is a tribute to music appreciation.

In the future you will find musicians deemed worthy of listening to — from the ears of an innate, artistic purist.

(You don’t have to agree at all.)

There is always time to develop your own appreciation for music. Perhaps you may “think” you have no personal taste, or have given music no real thought — by listening to the music of others, or due to restrictions placed upon you.

Growing up, our home was filled more with the sound of classical music — not television.

In the background was orchestra, piano, well-known singers at the time, and even good ole knee slapping, heel kicking — country music. (The latter was kept to a minimum, and mainly on personal collections — recorded.)

Blessed to live on a fast track of learning in life in every way — experiences, education and introspection taught me to see the origin of where, and how my appreciation for music originated and blossomed.

Mainly my Korean mother’s historic life. Everything from there is “YinYang” — very circular, earthy, connective, and/or organic. It’s a theory to which I refer.

In my late 20’s while in university, a professor strolled the isles of a required class called “Music Appreciation, asking each student,

“So what instrument do you play?”

The horrors of my childhood flashed rapidly in my mind, and bounced to an answer. When he got me — he asked,

“And young lady what instrument do you play?”

My response was,

“The stereo. Blaupunkt to be exact, and very well. Thank you.”

Everyone laughed, including him.

By that time in my short life, so much had been accomplished, experienced, and survived — this class appeared to be a waste of my time. It may have been, since that’s my best of all recollections.

My appreciation for music was later honed in a very peculiar manner being married to a professionally trained opera singer — who happened to be inherently talented in several in trades, but equally if not more — flawed without restraint.

Ergo, together we can share the fruits of discipline from others with their — focus, goals, courage, and other good attributes — musically.

On with the show!

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