GStreetJewels Is Closing Soon…. Because…

See Meghan’s face below?

No more Meghan Markle for you.


This site exists solely by your donations, and time is winding down.

As much as everyone loves reading about Meghan Markle’s “Royal Blunders, such as the one behind this split photo below:

©2019 GStreetJewels MM compare

Unless you donate now, the subscription HAS BEEN CANCELLED, hence you will NEVER know about the story behind Meghan’s split image.

Because there IS MORE.

Closing Soon

Had everyone given less than $1.00, who read everything once there’d be no problem — as there are in this home.


Closing Soon 2

My Korean mother who lived through WWII, and the Korean War along with Queen Elizabeth… think about it… that’s a long time! My mom has fallen ill, and life has changed permanently.

So you’ll never know about this on Bezos either.


It was good too.


Details matter here.


We ZOOM in here, to see the good things others miss. Now you will miss it too!

Would have been great to see that essay on Bezos, but it is NOT too late!

If you…



There is more to be discovered, or uncovered…. like this:

©2018 GStreetJewels art edits

Yeah, that’s it. The lower left corner.

GStreetJewels doodled it.

Guess what it is? 

BUT, what else do you see?

Closing soon 3

Time is running out…

Please give today. 

Give Now

Hurry, before the deadline!

$5, $10, $15, $20… or more, whatever you know in your heart is affordable.

Many have been spared of a scammer from Canada, by GStreetJewels’ being bold enough stand up for women being abused by him DMing very cruel words for personal monetary gain, and more.

Find the link HERE.


i.e., hummus, cheddar cheese, thin wheat flat bread, coffee... YUMMY!


It’s been a pleasure.

Thank you for those in the past who have help sustain this site. 


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