Best Illusions – What Is It?

Photos are of the same “whatever”, and untouched via filters – only watermarked.

These photographs of this “whatever” belong to GStreetJewels, and only she knows “whatever” it is.

Time for YOU to tell GStreetJewels, okay?

So let’s take a closer look, and by all means ask family and friends! Even your neighbors, delivery people, waiter, flight attendant, etc. Let’s all have FUN!


©2019 illusion 1

Human or beast? 

As stated previously, GStreetJewels is here by your generosity via donations – solely.

Please give, as life has taken a turn with my Korean mother’s health. As most know, she’s lived through WWII, and the Korean War. Hence, she is aging, and it has been extremely difficult for nearly a year… in every way.

Without your help, this may be…

Ending Soon

Only each of you can stop this.


Snap number two.
Do you have any clue?

Are you bamboozled?

©2019 illusion 2

Do you think you know?

Do something FAST!


Because the answer will only come IF you donate, the site designed for YOU — is ONLY renewed by YOU.

Sound off below, or if easier — find GStreetJewels on TwitterHERE.

In LESS than one month, that is barely March, if the funds are NOT available – GStreetJewels will — WALK AWAY.

Only YOU can stop her!

This site CANNOT work without you, because you are the purpose, and exists for you — all around the world.

Decide it is time… UNLESS… 


Every dollar adds up ($5, $10, $15, etc.)

What is it?

Your turn! 



i.e., hummus, cheddar cheese, thin wheat flat bread, coffee... YUMMY!


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