Meghan Markle in New Zealand from Head to Toes, OR FEET? Now it Makes Sense! READ

(Photo credit Daily Mail UK)

It was reported to the public that Meghan wears her shoes a size bigger.


Big Shoes 3

Supposedly in case her feet “swelled”.


Do you freely consume and accept what you read, or hear from the press/media as true?
If so, then shame on you.

Have you ever done picture associations, to where the practice is nearly reactionary?

For example:

When you see this,

Legs... ©Dan Charity

something like this pops into your mind? No particular reason, either.

Mini Mouse Legs and shoes close up

(Photo credit Pinterest)

Let’s break down this Royal blunder, shall we?

(Readers on a laptop cannot see the featured photo. It’s the theme.)


In colour.

©GStreetJewels DMUK

When details are one’s forte, certain people can get REALLY ugly. That includes the inside too.  As a matter of fact, it begins on the inside.

Over the past two weeks the Royal blunders stacked up, and the press/media attempts to polish Meghan — like tarnished silver, or rusted steel. Whatever it takes for clickbait, or comments.

Meghan uses the press/media, and they use her… BUT life has natural consequences.

Here’s the original photo/snap of Meghan — she could have prevented.


Her feet are NOT the byproduct of high heels, bad shoes, or these constant pardons of “she’s pregnant“.

Meghan Markle was born with these feet. It was not possible to locate a duplicate of female feet that naturally appear like hers. That’s fine.

Does everyone like looking at someone else’s feet?  NO.

Is it upright or equitable to be mislead by the press? PERHAPS, Meghan wears shoes that fit best, because her feet are THAT way?

Look closer. This writer is no physician, but anyone can see her heel appears malformed. Hence they do fill in her shoes, and she does have an awkward gait.

Meghan 2 in NZ Oct. 31, 2018

HAD she followed the Royal protocol, and worn panty hose like the women around her, it’s very likely not many would have noticed this.

Look around at the others, now.

Meghan in New Zealand 2 - Oct. 31, 2018

Instead, Meghan got called names like “hobbit feet, hooves, etc.

FeetFeet 1Feet 3Feet 4Feet 5Feet 6Feet 7Feet 8Feet 9Feet 10

The comments were oddly timed when the United States was awake. They’re usually heavily weighted with the United Kingdom.

Meghan has her fans, but so many are sick of seeing her smile. Fakery gets easier to read, and comments are more astute than you may realise.

Zoom into this every single day.

Meghan in NZ Oct. 31, 2018

Trouble. It’s the foundation of this relationship.

How does mental health issues, which means “mental illness” in need of help — equate to LOVE? We all ail mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically — too.

“Two negatives in life ≠ positive. Especially with clueless family baggage.

One person can barely get it right in life.


Find your style, embrace your life, and live it fully! Encourage others too!

“Live to learn and you will really learn to live.”

©John Maxwell

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