Prince Harry and Meghan Greet the Crowd at Chichester — Being Royal is RUFF!

(Photo credit YouTube)

This was TOO FUNNY!

It appears as though neither Harry, nor Meghan are taking to their respective roles very well.

Royal blunders are too RUFF to hide from these eyes.

There are more… waiting.

Harry did this twice, but only one set of screenshots are decent, so we’ll go with these.


This child anointed him Royal Dog Lover with a rose.

Royal Dog Lover 3 - YT

He wasn’t cozy enough with the canine.

Royal Dog Lover 3 - YT

Nearly nose-to-nose, and his fingers this dog’s mouth.

STOP and THINK about that.

Play time is over, Rover.

Royal dog lover 4 - YT

Back to the people…

Royal dog lover 5 - YT

This is where we begin to LOOK at DETAILS (i.e., facial expressions, hand gestures, head movement, eyes, etc.)

Dog responds properly by moving back, and Harry gets up as someone is talking to him.

Royal dog lover 6 - YT

She wants a handshake. No big deal. RIGHT?

It’s RUFF being a flawed, and Royally responsible figure. We’re all human.

Besides his brother would do THIS?!??


Royal dog lover 10 -YT

Could he be… thinking?

What do you think?

Let’s see.

Royal dog lover 11 - YT

We’re NOT mind readers. True?

She keeps talking. YOU keep watching Harry, and the people… this happened FAST.

Royal dog lover 12 -YT

Harry’s trying to be discreet about the dog SLOBBER on his hands, it’s now smeared on hers too… BUT she keeps talking!

Royal dog lover 13 - YT

Now they’re all looking!

What does a Prince do with dog SLOBBER?

Royal dog lover 14 -YT


That baby knows!

Royal dog lover 15


She keeps talking, and the young lady is intently watching.

Royal dog lover 16 - YT

Look at his face now.

Don’t LAUGH! He’s Royal.

Royal dog lover 17 -YT


Problem solved. You decide if Harry is being responsible or not.

Here’s another angle, with poor quality screenshots… BUT equally funny.

Royal dog lover 18 - BAppétitRoyal dog lover 19 - BAppétit

(Photo credit Bon Appétit)

This shows the dog watching, so it must be bad.

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