Meghan’s Wonky Wavy Blue Dress by Jason Wu, with Harry at a Concert to Mark End of WWI, Called “100 Days to Peace”

(Photo credit by

This was going nowhere… until the media began spinning this dress, and more — to literally bury it!

The glare of the flash, and the angles made a mess of her dress. The press is scrambling to make her appear more curvaceous, and add more chaos — to add distraction.

It all appears to go wrong photographically from the time she exits the car.

Let’s GAWK.
Shall we?

Meghan’s black clutch appears to match her ever exposing lining on her non-photogenic dress.


Clearly one of the worst photo, snaps, shots of exiting a vehicle for a special event. Her lining shows it matches her clutch, and maybe her hair — but that’s it.

Most unflattering dress #1

Her shoes are lovely, but the blues are contrasting for the prices paid… from this direction.

Wouldn’t you say?

This is one of the top worst dresses so far, and the worst compilation of photographs.

She doesn’t stand like the Queen or Kate Middleton, with her feet together — like a refined lady.

Are you more “old-fashioned”?
Does it bother you?


This was the first to be seen, and all that came to mind was,

“Her dress is STILL sitting, while she is STANDING!”


Dress is sitting while standing #4

Harry does have a very long stride, and they do seem to appear be hurried some of the time, and not very calm like William and Kate.


Nice lining — SHINING — with a crooked hem line.

Angles matter #5

Here’s another one.

That hem line #6.jpeg

The ruffles are a disaster on this dress, but media is spinning it, so the viewer now wouldn’t dream of her possibly wearing a padded a bra, but in only one photograph.

Whilst the rest appear to make Meghan near shapeless.


It was probably a breeze blowing the ruffles.

This is about Meghan’s clothing, and posing as a “Royal”. Both appear unpolished in their roles.

Not everyone likes the same body shape, hair or eye colour, nationality, etc. That’s perfectly fine.

It’s really one’s heart that matters. Some enjoy dreaming, fawning, or fantasising about romance, etc.

Do that on your time please. Not here.

For comparison sakes, this is bad with the flash.

Look at Harry’s eyes.


Meghan is not the most shapely, BUT that’s okay. The waistline did her absolutely NO justice.

This final photograph was the best of all. We’ll end on a high note for Meghan and Harry, ascending the staircase. There is a nice piece of artwork showing a combat soldier.

It is the most flattering of this dress in motion. This snap appears to be blurred.


She’s under extreme and heavy scrutiny. One would think more consideration would go into her clothing. Sometimes being on the inside is hard to see — outwards looking “in”.

There is a reason Kate Middleton is considered more fashionable, or leading in style.

Do you find it odd that it appears nobody explains this concept to Meghan or Harry? OR if one has… that perhaps they don’t care, and choose to take a difficult path in life?

Simple reminder to do things your way, and find your style. Embrace your life, and live it fully!

“If you don’t have peace, it isn’t because someone took it from you; you gave it away. You cannot always control what happens to you, but you can control what happens in you.”

-©John Maxwell

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