Meghan Markle Appears to Embarrass Harry Backstage at Hamilton – See HOW She Did it

(Photo credit YouTube captured by ©GStreetJewels)

It happened in flash, but of course someone had to tell, right?

We have to get it up close, because details are what we enjoy most about photos, snaps, photographs, screenshots, etc.

Let’s “react” lightly together.
Shall we?

Here’s the video. See if you can spot it, or use it as a reference.

They begin at the receiving line shaking hands.

Began with the receiving line - tight

Lovely dress, yet she’s wearing it too tight. We shouldn’t be seeing all the lines of her undergarments. (The window for reacting to Meghan’s dress has passed, but if you’d like know. Please leave a comment below. There was more seen here, than elsewhere, of course.)

Here’s a close up of her as they move on.

Close up back stage by the Royal Channel YouTube

After the receiving line, they took a group photograph for memories. Those seem to have mishaps, and Meghan gave us what ©GStreeJewels has dubbed — the #RoyalBlunder.

All in good fun!

Please check your maturity level, or the lack thereof — at the door when here. This is written to readers all around the world, and intended to stimulate you, the reader, eyer of details — to “think” further, deeper, and wider.

Now for the nitty gritty!
On with the show!

A simple photograph. What could happen that would embarrass the Royal Family NOW?

One turn of her head…

She asks

Seems simple enough, right?

It’s what Meghan said to Harry that has everyone in fluff.

Harry appearing embarrassed

(Photo credit

It was labeled as a “pet name”, which is almost befitting because it appears to be spoken in a possessive narrative.

They stare, he appears embarrased by her

He appears embarrassed, and the rest speaks for itself as you see onlookers.

She messed up again, because those in front heard her TOO.

Messed up again!

Now they’re laughing!

She got caught after awwws

Another #RoyalBlunder by Meghan Markle, and Harry waits.

Harry's waiting for it to end

Note the facial expressions of the cast members who heard, but they didn’t say, “Awwww!

It was the people sitting below.

M&H w:Cast at Hamilton

The British mum known here would call loved ones — “love”, or “dear”, but not in a possessive form. From this vantage point it sounds awkward for her to use it in that context to her husband.

It’s almost as if she can’t grasp the meaning behind the British dialect, has seen too many fairy tales, or is used to talking to her pets like that, or literally may not be comfortable in this relationship. If any.

This could be wrong, as it is based on a family member for years. Her accent and dialect just couldn’t be duplicated by an American.

It is not another foreign language to an American. It’s more like another version of English that sounds like music when they speak.

Not so much when an American plops down, and pretends she fits in “by marriage” all of sudden in the UK. The Royal Family isn’t exactly an ordinary family.

We can see it isn’t going smoothly, and that’s okay. Not all families blend well immediately — if ever.

Simple reminder to do things your way, and find your style. Embrace your life, and live it fully!

“What’s the key to relating to others? It’s putting yourself in someone else’s place instead of putting them in their place.”

-©John Maxwell

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