Meghan Markle Oblivious to Wardrobe Malfunction at Daisy Jenks and Charlie van Straubenzee’s Wedding

(Photo credit

Not to upstage the marriage of Daisy Jenks and Charlie van Straubenzee, here’s a snap of the lovely newlyweds on their wedding trike. Complete with a horn, headlight, rearview mirror, and cans tied in the rear dragging the street — declaring their marriage.


Then of course there was the groom’s friend Harry, and his wife Meghan. It appears odd her choice of colours leaned dark for a summer wedding.


To find the bright few abstract colours your eyes had to travel down toward her feet. At least her shoes appear to fit.

BUT, we are aren’t here to critique.

Truth on details are pointed out here. (Lately.)


There appears to be a some tension which would be normal for any couple.

It almost appears as if when Meghan is on her own, things don’t flow smoothly, and nobody bothers to tells her.


She’s still holding hands with Harry below.


Now she’ll be alone to the end.

She swings her head, and there goes her hair — straight into her mouth.


ZOOM in she’s showing her tongue.

Are Royals to smile with their tongue exposed? Hair sticking to it? Most appear have pursed lips. *Curious*

Look closely. Something changes.


She may be thinking she’s looking all “Royal” chic, BUT, but, but… button! Perhaps she thought it would it bring some flair.

Who knows?

We aren’t mind readers. Right?

What happened?

Harry’s gone. Meghan’s alone and it all goes bad. She turns her head to smile and wave, hair gets in her mouth, and now her dress is unbuttoned.

One news report stated she noticed it and quickly buttoned up.

(Insert fast rewind sound here.)

We’re backing up! Different angle.


(Photo credit Twitter, Inc.)

The news report wasn’t referring to this.

Let’s ZOOM in. Shall we?

Hair in Mouth & Unbuttoned

One question comes to mind.


As in… Why didn’t anybody tell her?

Make it two questions. Why didn’t she notice? 

Self-awareness vs. self-(?)… you decide.

BUT it’s not over!
The “Royal” finale, or “Royal” exposure.


Do you really want to see Meghan Markel’s lacy black undergarments? She didn’t want to stand out from the bride… wrong place — wrong time.

It gets so dark for her. Perhaps better precautions with her are in order.

A closer look. Spare you any “movement”.

ZOOMED unbuttoned.jpeg

Do you realise she sat through the entire wedding ceremony with her dress unbuttoned? Nobody said a word.

Would you have spoken up and told her?

Let’s end on a high note though, okay?

Here’s the bride, Daisy.


It was her day, with her new husband.


Best wishes! The couple looks stunningly simple and bright for a summer wedding. Lovely little daisy theme too.

Simple reminder to do things your way, and find your style. Embrace your life, and live it fully!

“Live to learn and you will really learn to live.”

©John Maxwell

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