Brian Fraser (@bfraser747) Epic Failure with Photoshop – Part Two on Twitter SCAMMING (Damning Photo Added)

(Photos/screen selections credit GoFundMe and Twitter, Inc.)

Proverbs are recognised for being short, pithy, truthful, thought provoking, or providing advice. This is befitting:

“How long, ye simple ones, will ye love simplicity? and the scorners delight in their scorning, and fools hate knowledge?”

-Proverbs 1:22

You are NOT reading this on Twitter. “You”, being the sagacious reader can see the obvious distinction, right? (It’ll make more sense once light has been shed on this bad soap opera played out on social media.)

Some on Twitter, seem to either seek, or divert attention, have an apparent low-level of comprehension, or were attempting to confuse others by stirring rancorous discredit toward ©GStreetJewels on WordPress – via Twitter.

Everything here has been, and is supported by donations.
Unbeknownst to whomever(s) — all ignoble, acrimonious exploits have misfired.

Whomever he/she/it are… it appears perceptible instability, precariousness, and obsessions exist. As well not realising if “they” are on the political “left or right”, but would rather fight, and shut others up to win their game, and/or… of fictitious row, squabble, or war of words.

“Thank you for the publicised juxtapositions though. Whoever you are.”


Moving onward.

Wipe the dust off our collective feet. It’s the healthy way for inner peace. There’s nothing there anyway.

©GStreetJewels observes human behaviour patterns due to empathy, compassion, fascination, understanding, research, higher education, and experience. Further, she reports publicly, privately based on integrity, and a moral obligation for the betterment of an individual, community, nationally, or internationally.

It is not surprising that, what appears to be the confines of male self-importance, and dearth of self-esteem; hidden behind animated figures or sunglasses — has or have projected anger this direction. That’s okay, it’s understandable.

Not all can pass the muster. Ergo, the knee-jerk reactionaries.

Anyone who can READ and THINK – here, SEES truth clearly. Correct?

If not, you LIE!

Only to yourself, and THAT is your personal problem. Okay?
Take it up with a different professional, these hands are full.

Twitter is NOT reality.
It’s a virtual sea sweeping up minds unawares and unwittingly.

“Call it Facebook #2. As in cranial fecal matter, OR where birdbrains are infected with drama, and nothing, or nobody matters!”


There is a greater problem when one’s anger appears to seep into the psyche of another. Worse when “virtually” — through the minds/emotions of others. This nears the realm of possibly another mental disorder, BUT, we aren’t going there.

Be aware of how minds do not to appear to function well, or if at all… sometimes. It’s okay, too. Just tend to your own mind. Nobody can control others.

Some people appear to need professional help, and perhaps should not be on social media. NO diagnoses anywhere as you can clearly see.

Which leads to Brian Fraser.

He may well have Crohn’s Disease. ©GStreetJewels has not taken that from him. He can have it.

The original presupposition was written solely as a warning of a scam, and toward the end, a collaborative effort to give credence forthwith.


“Has it become perceptible the unpractised have become malcontent, chagrined, and perhaps expressing discomfiture?”


She said this once, or more; but over half her penning has been deleted — and will be henceforth. (This is an experiment – not a goal. Without your support it will ALL disappear. There is always ample WARNING.)

Keep up! The quote:

“Those who sound like ‘know-it-alls’, that is all they know. They really know nothing at all.”


Few are aware after obtaining, or receiving her Master’s Degree, ©GStreetJewels went onto study medicine. Which kickstarted a new avenue of research. She is self-disciplined, curious, inherently — studious and loves independent research.

While dealing with life issues, she was stumped on how to keep her word on this — “Part Two“. Remember, she has no malice toward anyone. The concern was more legalities, because she can shred the document medically (by more than misspelling of medical terminology), and NOT merely typeset, or the trifling arrangement of ink dots.

Brian Fraser GIVES IT TO ME! Thank you, Brian!- May 13, 2018

BUT, we aren’t going there.

He flouts taunting tweets and deletes them. An apparent display in lack of courage. THAT is after he blocks the person. In this scenario it is ©GStreetJewels.

A trait often displayed by milksop and/or milquetoast, typically categorised as “white” males; yet including but not limited too — Canadian males and females prior to, and unsurprisingly common toward her. Befitting for the abuser, “he” has apparently shown himself to be toward women — in general.

BUT, we aren’t going there either.

This person named “Brian” displays an apparent pattern that confuses many people; yet draws others for reasons — they too, seem not to understand. It is obvious this person(s) is well versed in “wrangling” people.

©GStreetJewels wrote the innovative and possibly the exclusive piece (“Part One“… HERE) founded on integrity, disfavour, and multidimensional disgust to bring forth awareness of his subterfuge.

Now the simply good stuff. READY?

©GStreetJewels is also a professional photographer. The best part is… she still plays pictorial games with her Korean mom, exercising memory, assiduous concentration on infinitesimal details.


Can’t figure this guy out, and many are still reading the original details about this person. It’s okay too.

It may explain the little question that discomposes one, or when asked directly — one becomes prickly, and that would be,


Do you ever wonder “WHY” about Brian Fraser?


WHY would he do this to himself?


There will be NO glaring arrows, NO big RED circlesNOTHING pointing at details.


You are treated like the intellectual reader, who matters around the world… whoever you are. Exercise and sustain your own mind here.

EVERYTHING is in the details, so the clutter HAS to be extracted.

Clear your vision. Ready?

BF's GFM - July 2, 2018

This is his GoFundMe that now desensitised many people. The photo, snap, or picture on the right is the primary focus.


“Do you find it odd that nobody questioned the transparent tape he appears to be to holding in place on HIS right shoulder area?”


Plus it may not be the only place he has tape on his torso.

Pay CLOSE attention! EVERY single DETAIL matters.

Something is “sofamilure” too. Directions of light make a huge difference with REAL photography. WHY wouldn’t a new phone matter?

Here’s an example with light. It is a small (hence blurry) photo for descriptive purposes only, as this may well be the final exposé on the scammer — Brian Fraser.

Same Ball and Chain, at two different directions, in less than minutes.

Example ©GStreetJewels Photography WM

Scroll up. Read the photo on the right.

Memorise the photo, what’s “sofa-milure” with these details?

Sofa milure.....

What’s “sofa-milure“? Can you see? Tell me at the bottom what you see please.

Did you see the GOAL was raised on his GoFundMe? The two screen selections are NOT identical for a reason.

©GStreetJewels challenges herself to use new tech and themes for your reading pleasure. Learn use to your own device(s) please!

In case you missed it, or have not yet figured out the “Reader” option, here’s the first, or top screen selection to compare the three photos, snaps, etc.

©GStreetJewels captured May 28, 2018

It’s been stated, ©GStreetJewels watches no TV, and hasn’t for over ten years. THIS is where watching TV messes one up!

TOO MUCH CLUTTER in the mind is literally blinding and deafening people to reality.

Hate Canada DeoNc7lU0AEgCHq

Yet it was established he was in Canada. Now he doesn’t watch news either, nor do his sentences make sense. They like all things are “hob-cobbled” together. To some this is “sofa-milure“.

WAIT! So he does live in Canada. OH, CANADA!!! 🇨🇦

BF - IS Canadian AGAIN

Those were typos. He lives in Canada and LIES. What about the NEWS?

His photochopping is baaad, because there is STILL a TV in his rotten GoFundMe photo, snap, or picture.


Where else?

Are you BLIND? (This photographer is dubbed – “The Blind Photographer“, hence the question.)


Some were too busy focused aimlessly, and chatting about the light glowing wildly around his hair, and missed the TV CLEARLY — in his ARMPIT! 

You know the TV or “news”  he doesn’t watch, or that he does watch… RIGHT HERE!


See how clear? How about that tape near his right shoulder?


  • We won’t touch his elbow photoshop “faux pas”,
  • The clutter along the base of the wall.
  • We won’t take note of his Trump sign being starkly WHITE.

No. We aren’t going there.


Brian could be more careful… maybe it’s ALL the LIES.

We are not even touching the horrible — chopping.

There should be NO light visible near his phone and fingers — close to his ARMPIT! (Above)

He has nowhere to go from here. He also appears to like “Hannity” — if viewed correctly.

DANG if that ain't a tv & Hannity?

The patrons of his timeline appear to NOT have enough awareness, or something to know that ice cream, and the energy powder has WHEY, WHEY too much dairy also. He is very fit, and disciplined in a manner that is FAR beyond disappointing, even dangerous.

Individuals like him could have helped others (like ©GStreetJewels) who invented something to bring relief to dogs, cats, perhaps other animals, and definitely pet owners. Then everyone who participated could have benefited, because SO many are being ripped off right now by some of the largest organisations.

If everyone who read the previous one had only donated $1.00, or this one… it would have made it all worth something.

Instead? it is more disappointing on a humanity level as a whole after being harassed, reported, etc. — for the betterment of all.

Try it someday.



Then watch cowards destroy your livelihood among other things — like people behind algorithms… and TRY to remain SILENT.

“The skillful tactician may be likened to the shuai-jan. Now the shuai-jan is a snake that is found in the Ch’ang mountains. Strike at its head, and you will be attacked by its tail; strike at its tail, and you will be attacked by its head; strike at its middle, and you will be attacked by head and tail both.”

-©Sun Tzu


“In most cases, those who want power probably shouldn’t have it, those who enjoy it probably do so for the wrong reasons, and those who want most to hold on to it don’t understand that it’s only temporary.”

-©John Maxwell

Please support this independent woman who brings a unique exposé to you — the reader.

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At least ten (10) percent of all donations go to a black pastor who travels to rural communities serving in two churches. He is an answer to prayer, and a blessing in a great time of need for my Korean mother.

©GStreetJewels uses sources outside the conventional. All proof is in the original documentation, and is not always published for easily perceived reasons.

This is the end of him for ©GStreetJewels. Anything you read outside of here is a LIE, a cheap disguise — about this writer. Thank you for stopping by again.

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