North Korea Literally Sees Possible Change, but What Does that Mean? (PHOTOS)

(사진 신용 rondong. 담당자)

It’s already June 14, 2018 in North Korea. So we need to back track a few days.

This bombshell was dropped on them last evening, to best of ©GStreetJewels’ knowledge. For many of us watching it was June 13, 2018, and either morning, afternoon, or around the same time.

(Remember there is NO television, so the ability to think more clearly, based upon history, culture, her mother’s personal experience, and research, etc. — heightens — not lessens.)

North Korea was exposed to the normal “Juche” theme, when Kim Jong Un went to China, before going to Singapore.

©GStreetJewels inherently called it “Air China“, as a joke. Apparently that’s the airline he took, and people fell for it — AGAIN.

His personal plane was dubbed Jet Juche” here. Go read it there.

On with the “Supreme Appointee’s” TOUR!

KJU on TOUR of Singapore #1

North Korea saw the same finger pointing, and got little to nothing for the show.

There were a slew of photos, snaps and clicks — too! Same thing, different day in North Korea.

Then he toured Singapore’s shipping facilities, because ‘propaganda” does, and will — to the people.

KJU Tour of Singapore #6 shipping

Business as usual. It’s officially over for North Koreans news wise, on June 12, 2018. Back to the dark ages.

KJU TOUR of Singapore OVER #9

©GStreetJewels is known to be wrong, and willingly admits it. The timing may be off.

One publication tends to stand out above the rest with breaking news, and it came out wee hours of the morning of June 13, 2018, that North Koreans got the news, about ‘Kim Jong Un meeting President Trump from the USA  — TOO —  in Singapore.

It gets old reading about shallow nonsense others make up. ©GStreetJewels goes to the source.


Because her mother explained what lies beneath propaganda, so it becomes transparent here. Ergo, truth rises.

Many are utterly astounded by appears to be a “miracle”, or magical.

You came here to THINK, right?


Why did it take so long for news to BREAK — in North Korea?
HINT:  Click HERE!


He loves his photo ops! There were a lot too!

KJU w DJT #4

Some not so great, but North Korea was probably shocked.

The order was mixed up. This is a regrouping, and NOT all of them either.

KJU w DJT #2KJU w DJT #5

Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo appears to be one of the most relaxed around Kim Jong Un. (Beside President Trump, of course.)

KJU w DJT #6KJU w DJT #7KJU w DJT #8KJU w DJT #9

Facial expressions are great.

We are NOT mind readers here. Okay?

Beautiful photos.

Then the random long shot.

KJU w DJT #16

The official signed document, but what does it mean to North Koreans?

KJU w DJT #17

It’s easy for everyone to speculate, but until you hear the heartbreaking stories first hand of poverty — in a Third World country… like ©GStreetJewels’ mother…

… rationing a bowl of rice as a child. Not realising what she ate was only making her more hungry. She waited patiently for more rice… to fill her little tummy. (There are no nutrients in rice!) 

She wanted to EAT MORE food, but there was NONE. Delated gratification does wonders too. 

She stills wants to EAT a little MORE, because that sensation NEVER goes AWAY!


©GStreetJewels’ Korean mother’s memories, and current behavioral patterns.

Do NOT speculate about things, in which you know — NOTHING!

KJU w DJT #18

This is not about North Korea.

KJU w DJT #19Do you see RED?

“If I determine the enemy’s disposition of forces while I have no perceptible form, I can concentrate my forces while the enemy is fragmented. The pinnacle of military deployment approaches the formless: if it is formless, then even the deepest spy cannot discern it nor the wise make plans against it.”

-©Sun Tzu


“He who thinks he leads, but has no followers, is only taking a walk.”

-©John Maxwell

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i.e., hummus, cheddar cheese, thin wheat flat bread, coffee... YUMMY!


©GStreetJewels uses sources outside the conventional. All proof is in the original documentation, and is not always published for easily perceived reasons.

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