Jet Juche to China! Kim Jong Un Allowed off the Propaganda Chump Train (PHOTOS)

On Kim Jong Un’s first visit to China, to ©GStreetJewels’ best recollection this is how the media portrayed his traveling to China.

Traveling like the Leader of a “Depressed Regime”, on the North Korean train, appearing to reach — where?


thestardotcom mar 28, 2018

(Photo credit


Do you REALLY believe what any MEDIA tells you about North Korea, and Kim Jong Un’s “surprise and/or secret” visits outside North Korea’s borders?

Be honest with your own self.

If so. It’s okay.

©GStreetJewels is here to answer that common question — “WHY?”

Let’s move on to the good stuff though! Shall we?

This visit went virtually undetected. Perhaps because someone might question Kim Jong Un’s – RIDE!

rondong #6 hiding this

How does one hide something far larger than elephant in a room – that FLIES?

Say, “Abracadabra”, and it magically appears?
(If you are colour blind it says, “Abracadabra”.)

If you believed he never left North Korea…

©GStreetJewels’ Korean mother said something that covers everything in ONE sentence. She has a way of doing that like none other!

It’s-a not only the one time. He be going there way before. Yeah. Making those nuclear bombs all this time.

It’s-a just common sense.

-©GStreetJewels’ Korean mother

(Mark that quote. It’s a link you’ll need — to help — think.)

Time for the TOUR!

rondong #7

Do you wonder where else he’s been… NOW?

rondong #8

They meet eyes. He’s so happy to see President Xi again, but publicly in Jet Juche.

This time with red carpet, and soldiers.

rondong #9

President Xi is allowing him to step out of the dark ages. Kim Jong Un is thankful for his kindness.

It’s a taste of the “big league”.

Know your HISTORY!

rondong #10 see

Rearview mirrors on the stairs.

How well do you pay attention to details?

Think about “WHY” you are here now. Makes a huge difference in WHAT you read and SEE.

Plus you can submit questions, and comments to ©GStreetJewels.

Oh look!

Kim Jong Un was allowed an official photo-op this time. His lone “Supreme Appointee” stroll on the red carpet.

rondong #11

No joggers, no onlookers in China, and no fanfare. Just a quiet ride from Jet Juche.

rondong #12 no joggers in silence

©GStreetJewels where truth is NOT is glorified, and you are treated like intelligent, well read, dignified – human beings worldwide.

This photograph or snapshot is fairly common, along with some video of their stroll along the beach. There wasn’t much attention here.

rondong #3

There’s a reason.


News no longer has journalists. If you read bios, they call themselves “storytellers”. Stories have a theme, plot, or “narrative”.

Once called “SPIN”.


rondong #4

This relationship dates back to WWII. Know history and culture.

©GStreetJewels’ mother lived through WWII, and the Korean War. Her mother still talks about the past very simply, because nothing’s changed — only the story line, and/or the “pictures” shown to you.

Invest your mind wisely! It is YOUR LIFE, and YOUR FUTURE. Got children? Grandchildren?

What about them? You, and their lives MATTER very much!

rodong #2

Fun is over. Time for business.

Kim Jong Un will likely be directed from here on his next steps. (Like going to South Korea.) #1

Who’s submitting to whom here? Can you tell?

©GStreetJewels has already written “why” he would — elsewhere. It is factual.

Time to go!

rodong #5

Maybe he’s showing up. It doesn’t matter. He’s leaving here!

See how it makes no real difference in a “story line”? It’s only a photograph, or snapshot in time.

Have you fallen for, or with “words”… misleading you?

©GStreetJewels does NOT do that here.

THINK for your own self, please.

rondong #17

Kim Jong Un the “Supreme Appointee” is officially leaving. He’s allowed an official photo-op by President Xi of China.

Was this visit “secret, a surprise, or silent” on Jet Juche?

What does it take to order a jet/plane from a “Depressed Regime”?

rondong #18

Is it sinking in YET?

Nice bayonets. Is he that unpredictable?

Even in China? (Asking for a friend.)

(Insert laughter here.)

Better yet… put on your THINKING cap!

rondong #20

How long does it take for a “Supreme Appointee” to acquire Jet Juche?

THEN suddenly… fly out of virtually NOWHERE
to China – ONCE
IN HIS LIFETIME… mind you.

Uncomfortable yet?

It’s okay if you are. That’s not the purpose.

Be thankful that ©GStreetJewels was unwittingly gobsmacked by her own Korean mother one morning. She lived the reality, and taught her daughter to share.

rondong #21

Jet Juche going back to North Korea — AGAIN.

The photo credit is stamped on the photos, and also placed elsewhere. Timing is of the essence.

These photos have since been removed from the source.

Thereby making them exclusive — HERE.

“Know the enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles you will never be in peril. When you are ignorant of the enemy, but know yourself, your chances of winning or losing are equal. If ignorant both of your enemy and yourself, you are certain in every battle to be in peril.”

-Sun Tzu


“People knowledge is much more important than mere product knowledge.”

-John Maxwell

Would you please?



i.e., hummus, cheddar cheese, thin wheat flat bread, coffee... YUMMY!


©GStreetJewels uses sources outside the conventional. All proof is in the original documentation, and not published for easily perceived reasons.

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