Tiffany — SPOOF of the Nonpareil Brand of Jewelry for Mother’s Day

(Photo credit and screen selections by

Some ladies have an appreciation for fine jewelry, yet many of us cannot afford the price of Tiffany. Right?

We can always look!
Many of us have never ever seen a box to touch, or wrapping paper, not even a bag.

This piece is based more on “old school” slang, or terminology.
Yes, it could be derogatory, but only if you are one!

It’s more humorous. Remember

Yakov Smirnoff?

If you don’t then look him up. He takes things “literally as a consumer”.

Get offended?

Then and only then — if one gets — offended,
being offended brings on guilt, exposed by defensiveness.

You get the picture.

This is a joke, because ©GStreetJewels loves diamonds, gold and gemstones — things she can’t afford, and won’t ever have.

Preferring to have fun and loving to laugh — over hate, and all that — Tiffany crossed the view of ©GStreetJewels, and something ridiculous popped into her mind seeing all the beautiful jewels.

Their “Mother’s Day” presentation interpreted as the “Ball and Chain” Series.

Ball and Chain by Tiffany f Mother's Day

“How did they not catch that in the marketing “brainstorm”? Age gap?

Ball and Chain Earrings f Mother's Day by Tiffany

Does wealth lose it’s ability to think outside the box creatively? Maybe it’s supposed to be subliminal.

Four please!

Ball and Chain for Mother's Day from Tiffany

Seriously, it’s all very lovely. Like this — HINT! 💧

Ball HardWear from Tiffany for Mother's Day HINT

Can’t be too subtle!

“The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.”

-John Maxwell

Get your smile back. OK?

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©GStreetJewels uses sources outside the conventional. All proof is in the original documentation, and is not always published for easily perceived reasons.

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