North Korea’s Provocative Henchman – Kim Jong Un

The following is obviously taken from a search engine. Read, and you will see the narrative or trend.

Researching various configurations, techniques, or modus operandi result in wheedling — globalisation.

Media circus on NK in China 18 02 28

Pay heed to the parallelisms.

Media Circus on NK to China 18 02 28 #2

(One stands out, because that’s how they “stand out”. One has to understand how the media operates organisationally.)

The founder of ©GStreetJewels did a bit of an impromptu “interview” with her Korean mother. Some may recall, she lived through WWII, and the Korean War. As a consequence, her education was virtually decimated.

By the virtue of her favorite brother, she became a skilled autodidact, her intellect blossomed — as he taught her — from his own textbooks. He was always her mentor.

(Most of the information about them has since been deleted — as FOREWARNED.)

When the founder of ©GStreetJewels enquired to her mom about the

guy from North Korea going to China”,

she had to explain what was going on first. The quotes indicate a portion of her first approach.

The milieu was emotionally and intellectually unshielded, vulnerable; yet protected, and cozy. Her mother’s answer was somber, solemn and emphatic. Sometimes you have to “be there”, and know the people — deeply.

These two women are rare.

This is where you will hear “Yin Yang”, the theory enter. It is a journey going back historically, is very circular in motion throughout life, and is very organic. (A simple synopsis.)

The Korean flag is like their relationship too, very Yin Yang in appearance. Hence — Japan, China, Russia, and North Korea have had an impact on both lives. (The founder of this site can explain later.)

(Photo credit

Let’s just say, her mother’s response left her gobsmacked.
Sometimes it pays to “not to think”, and LISTEN.


  • Because you are safe,
  • have no personal guard or agenda,
  • you HEAR — and then
  • you can learn.

Her daughter had to have a second go round, due to the original circumstances, and to get her mother’s wording precise addressing the narrative above — about which her Korean mother was — clueless.

Yes. She refuses to watch anything about it.

She said,

“It’s-a not only the one time. He be going there way before. Yeah. Making those nuclear bombs all this time.

It’s-a just common sense.”

-©GStreetJewels’ Korean mother

Once the gobsmacking cleared away like a shock wave. Her daughter’s response in profoundly disquietude was a slow drawn out — reflection of,

Wow, we really are 바보 over here.”


Recognize your own potential of being beguiled, by thinking simply — principled — with common sense while viewing these photos. #1 #2.jpeg #4.jpeg #5.jpeg #6.jpeg

Did you really believe he NEVER left North Korea, the “depressed regime” his entire life? #7.jpeg #13.jpeg #12.jpeg

North Korea has an airport. It has roads leading to and from — China too. Freightliners ship commodities to North Korea, there is infrastructure within the country. #14

This time was different. There was fanfare. #15

“To lift an autumn hair is no sign of great strength; to see the sun and moon is no sign of sharp sight; to hear the noise of thunder is no sign of a quick ear.”

-Sun Tzu, The Art of War


“Instead of trying to be great, be part of something greater than yourself.”

-John Maxwell

Would you please?


©GStreetJewels uses sources outside the conventional. All proof is in the original documentation, and not published for easily perceived reasons.

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