Brian Fraser on Twitter SCAMMING Trump Supporters

(Screen selection above taken at 10:55 a.m. today. After he BLOCKED me for BUSTING him three times. He also changed the repetitive tweet.) All information is published publicly on the internet.

As the founder of this site, it was stated that my research of late had been, but not limited to — “liars and psychopaths” — either way they are one in the same.

This is to expose the foolishness of people who donated to this SCAMMER from Canada. Many like to place blame for their own bad decisions elsewhere like Go Fund Me.

The PERSON donating REALLY needs to learn read beyond — ONE tweet at time. Take personal responsibility! 

Begin by reading his bio. It’s in the top screen selection or photo.

It’s very misleading by giving the impression he’s somewhere up in the upper northwest portion of the USA — and possibly very near Canada.

Yet, that’s NOT Canada, if you are living in Canada — is it?
Hence — it’s a LIE.

Here’s his FIRST massive haul, with no proof, of anything.
PLEASE NOTE the date!

Canadian SCAMS - ONE account

September 7, 2017 from Delta, British Columbia. That’s in CANADA!

124 shares and he made $15,340, but he was NOT finished with AMERICA!

Canadian SCAM ONE page 2

It’s quite possible he had more weight to lose. It is NOT unheard of when duping people, or even an institution out of taxpayer money. Psychopaths have been known to go down in history doing such a thing — making history by their “notoriety“.


He looks pretty happy on September 7, 2017.

Wouldn’t you say? Eh.

He got Canadian dollars, but very few cared or bothered to read – that “Brian” was, and is not an American. That may not be his real name. Know the rules for Go Fund Me.

He needed some attention after this! Here’s part of his Canadian technique on America’s conservatives, or happy Trump supporters on Twitter.

BF against Soros (Aug. 22, 2017)

BF has SOURCES (Jan. 13, 2018)The word “but” also negates the first part of the sentence. Any writer knows what “my sources” means. There is NONE!

BF - Because Canada & SCAMS (Jan. 16, 2018)

Because Canada!

Canadian SCAMMER Bait & Switch

So he’s trolling, and baiting for this again with another Go Fund Me account.

Canadian SCAM - TWICE page ONE

Canadian SCAM TWICE page 2

Do you realise how many people responded who really had no money, and a Veteran who could NOT get nearly the help as this guy who clearly LIED about the BORDER!

He tweets hate, does nothing but beg, shows no effort ANYWHERE toward his health. Then does THIS (today):

Canadian SCAMMER 5 days of lies (Page 1)

Canadian SCAM twitter (Page 2 March 11, 2018) This is after he blocked me at approximately – 11:25 a.m., March 11, 2018.

11:27 am. (Mar 11, 2018) BF SCAMMER #4

11:25 am, March 11, 2018 BF SCAMMER

He is NOT somebody this writer would retweet, but find interesting to observe – for obvious reasons. Many do not realise who is behind the account, or one’s experience… or lack thereof.

Here’s proof this writer is correct in the assessment. Here he FOLLOWS me:

Canadian BIO LIES on Twitter location

Here he BLOCKED me within an hour.

Canadian SCAMMER BLOCKED at 10:10 am Mar 11, 2018)

Didn’t he write repeatedly that he’d be OFF Twitter for the next week for something like five days? Was it THAT fact, this writer pointed out where he lied, and kept tweeting for hours — or that he’s CANADIAN, and scammed #MAGA followers for over $20,000?

You be the judge, and decide who is more worthy — America, Canada, and the rest of the world who reads here.

Discovering the truth has no labels, does it? Research the sypmtoms, because he has errors. There are more suspicious things too.

Would you please?


©GStreetJewels does incur overhead researching. Honest people who really need money, take initiative and create authentic – work – NOT lie, scam, and beg.

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