Brian Fraser on Twitter SCAMMING Trump Supporters (@bfraser747) – UPDATED!

(Screen selection above taken at 10:55 a.m. today. After he BLOCKED me for BUSTING him three times. He also changed the repetitive tweet.) All information is published publicly on the internet.

(This has an update as of April 4, 2018.) Another one on its way!

As the founder of this site, it was stated that my research of late had been, but not limited to — “liars and psychopaths” — either way they are one in the same.

This is to expose the foolishness of people who donated to this SCAMMER from Canada. Many like to place blame for their own bad decisions elsewhere like Go Fund Me.

The PERSON donating REALLY needs to learn read beyond — ONE tweet at time. Take personal responsibility! 

Begin by reading his bio. It’s in the top screen selection or photo. (Update: April 13, 2018 website redesigned by ©GStreetJewels, so here’s the aforementioned bio below.)

Canadian SCAMMER NEW Pinned tweet Mar 11, 2018)

It’s very misleading by giving the impression he’s somewhere up in the upper northwest portion of the USA — and possibly very near Canada.

Yet, that’s NOT Canada, if you are living in Canada — is it?
Hence — it’s a LIE.

Here’s his FIRST massive haul, with no proof, of anything.
PLEASE NOTE the date!

Canadian SCAMS - ONE account

September 7, 2017 from Delta, British Columbia. That’s in CANADA!

124 shares on Facebook, and he made $15,340, but he was NOT finished with AMERICA!

Canadian SCAM ONE page 2

It’s quite possible he had more weight to lose. It is NOT unheard of when duping people, or even an institution out of taxpayer money. Psychopaths have been known to go down in history doing such a thing — making history by their “notoriety“.


He looks pretty happy on September 7, 2017. (Remember the last few words there.)

Wouldn’t you say? Eh.

He got Canadian dollars, but very few cared or bothered to read – that “Brian” was, and is not an American. That may not be his real name. Know the rules for Go Fund Me. NOR did he use the hashtag #MAGA that time — Did he?

He needed some attention after this! Here’s part of his Canadian technique on America’s conservatives, or happy Trump supporters on Twitter.

BF against Soros (Aug. 22, 2017)

BF has SOURCES (Jan. 13, 2018)The word “but” also negates the first part of the sentence. Any writer knows what “my sources” means. There is NONE!

BF - Because Canada & SCAMS (Jan. 16, 2018)

Because Canada!

Canadian SCAMMER Bait & Switch

That Canadian must not know there is no such thing as “ex presidents“. They are always Presidents all throughout history.

So he’s trolling, and baiting for this again with another Go Fund Me account.

(UPDATE: As a professional photographer who uses filters only for certain things, the sign in the background below has been bothering me, due to health symptoms listed incorrectly.)

Here’s an authentic campaign sign below for comparison to the one following. It’s from the


Canadian SCAM - TWICE page ONE

Jaundice is NOT a side effect, nor is death. Read carefully below:

Canadian SCAM TWICE page 2

Do you realise how many people responded who really had no money, and a Veteran who could NOT get nearly the help as this guy who clearly LIED about the BORDER!

He tweets hate, does nothing but lie, beg, showing no effort ANYWHERE toward his health. Then does THIS (today):

Canadian SCAMMER 5 days of lies (Page 1)

Canadian SCAM twitter (Page 2 March 11, 2018) This is after he blocked me at approximately – 11:25 a.m., March 11, 2018.

11:27 am. (Mar 11, 2018) BF SCAMMER #4

11:25 am, March 11, 2018 BF SCAMMER

He is NOT somebody this writer would retweet, but finds interesting to observe – for obvious reasons. Many do not realise who is behind the account, or one’s experience… or lack thereof.

Here’s proof this writer is correct in the assessment. Here he FOLLOWS me:

Canadian BIO LIES on Twitter location

Here he BLOCKED me within an hour.

Canadian SCAMMER BLOCKED at 10:10 am Mar 11, 2018)

Didn’t he write repeatedly that he’d be OFF Twitter for the next week for something like five days? Was it THAT fact, this writer pointed out where he lied, and kept tweeting for hours — or that he’s CANADIAN, and scammed #MAGA followers for over $20,000?

Didn’t he write above?

“I often forget I’m not American but love USA dearly & fight everyday to MAGA & I would give my life protecting it”

-(grinning like the mouse who got the cheese) Brian Fraser

You be the judge, and decide who is more worthy America, Canada, and the rest of the world who reads here.

Discovering the truth has no labels, does it? Research the “symptoms”, because he has errors. There are more suspicious things too.

People who really need money, take initiative and create authentic – work – do NOT lie, scam, and beg. We reveal TRUTH to keep others safe, while job seeking.

It has a value to you, or a loved one.

What’s it worth in the long-run?

Would you please?


Please support this independent woman who brings a unique exposé to you — the reader.

©GStreetJewels uses sources outside the conventional (except here – EVERYTHING is PUBLIC INFORMATION.). All proof is in the original documentation, and is not always published for easily perceived reasons.

Got Facebook?


This takes a long time to compile, especially now that I’m BLOCKED, and very suspicious something else is going on.

(UPDATE:  April 22, 2018)

Housing in Delta, BC

Delta, BC Real Estate Prices

(Screen selections credit by

Delta, BC Economic Outlook

Nothing on homeless, like Brian Fraser — in this MILLION dollar price range. There are photos of him “dog sitting” in a home on his timeline (or were), and showing off products “somewhere”.

Available upon request.

Because. His total went up as I was browsing his continued untruths.

BF on Go Fund me on April 22, 2018

Connect the dots.

BF Pinned tweet April 20 2018 NONSTOP tweeting bio.jpeg

That’s one. Here’s two.

Anyone who’s experienced chronic pain on morphine, can’t do anything, and thinking to tweet rapidly  – let alone at all – is out of the question. I’ve only heard of one or two extreme exceptions.

Ask me.

BF April 21 NONSTOP April 21 WATCH bottom tweet

He has no updates on his Go Fund Me page here. He throws out tweets and deletes them.

This exposé was published on 11 March 2018.


And there are more heinous attacks on me.

Available on request.


There is a valid reason this concerns me. To think this writer sits idly is foolhardy.

Would you please contribute, because we all do have issues as stated above.

“The greatest mistake we make is living in constant fear that we will make one.”

-John Maxwell


Thank you for reading.

Oh, look at his eyes. If you donated you can file claim. HERE.

Do you know at what you are looking? He’s seeking money apart from Go Fund Me.

BF's eyes BLOOD SHOT dialated

UPDATE: April 26, 2018

Know there is a wait list for surgeries in Canada. Here’s information in the Providence of BC. Click here.

He states above he’s had four surgeries on his Go Fund Me page, but lies are really hard to keep straight. Read for yourself.

BF #5 PROOF! Lied on GFM on surgieries

BEWARE: He’s seeking money straight to his PayPal account now.


It’s now May 7, 2018, and many other people are angered by this person going by name “Brian Fraser”.

There’s no one place where ALL his deleted tweets, lies, changing schemes, tactics are posted — and this writer is busy in need of seeking a viable income, and keeping her mother alive — so with the help of others who are equally disturbed with no further ado.

He’s here too!

I1E6j5GK.jpg-largePlease remember me!

Some do not realise this is my source of “income” for now. Twitter is costing me by limiting my exposure, putting me in a confining box. ©GStreetJewels has not ever known that box.

“How much easier it is to be critical than to be correct.”

-Benjamin Disraeli


More proof this writer’s assessment is correct. One needs to know human behavior.

1DaeAUOdUMAI2501 BF cursing at me

Update on May 9, 2018. These were one hour old, and slowly buried by retweets. Who hangs out on twitter when they’re in the hospital?


BFraser Angry May 9, 2018

Nice executive chair, with no IV bags. Look again up above — at the difference in photos that bothered me.

Scroll up.

Now look at what appears to be an angry face. (I’ve been in and out of the hospital for the past 2 days, and someone very important KNOWS the details!)

BFraser - Examine the room & FACE May 9, 2018

Others have seen and heard me cry. Not one person has given me a dime. He’s gotten over $30,000 and his cash is drying up.

Life is more precious than money. Thank God for miraculous healing.

What exactly is this guy’s problem anyway? If it’s not one thing, it’s another. (It’s mentioned above.)

Pray for him. Whoever he is.

And please remember. This is currently my “job“.
Safety first!


Here’s one for the road. Thank you to everyone who helped, and continues to help! Many are equally angry as him. (I’m not. I’ve got things to do, and life to celebrate!)

BF on the left May 9, 2018

Alas! Part TWO is here.

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