Is 2018 the Twilight Zone?

What you are about to read is STILL a nightmare.

TZ -- Rod Serling

Imagine if you will, a barrage of attacks by the media that rapidly spin like the clock pictured 24/7 — and obviously broken.

“Eh”, you might say?

That clock is still right at least twice a day — so the majority of viewers are mislead, or tainted — with lies.
It only takes one lie to destroy the entire truth.


Imagine if you will, many who sit in front of a thing resembling this old TV, watching the media spin 24/7, but only flashing truth a couple of times — daily.

It’s as if they can’t see what’s true any more — than they can see through that wooden door below.


Media hopes to saturate everyone wherever they go, it’s not only with narrative driven news, but with greed-driven advertising as well.

Imagine if you will, if the questions on here — were real.


Two horns and one eye,
50 percent chance it’s a lie.


Imagine if you will, I’m 99 percent sure I’ve found who’s NOT behind the Great Oz‘s curtain, but the computer in the jungle nobody sees for all the trees.


Imagine if you will, when I realized the details — typing on my machine.


Imagine if you will, the frustration I felt when, there was no valid reason for me to reveal a thing, plus I hit a personal road block.


People keep watching TV, and nothing changes.




Imagine if you will, as the nightmare of media and advertising persists, but just like the Tortoise and Hare — I said,

“I will get there”.

Stay tuned!

©2018 When and/or How…? is coming.


Welcome to the “Twilight Zone” — again.


I’m at a serious loss now, because doing this alone is nearly impossible. I’ve sacrificed all I have and the remaining device I have is going, if not almost — dead.

Haven’t we seen this chicken crap behind the door — before?

What the hack? No, I don’t need spellcheck — perhaps it’s time you paid better attention.

I’m prayerfully weighing my options, and they are few. I appreciate your time.

Watch what happens next!
Stay tuned!


Well looky there!

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(Originally published on 6/18/2017. How utterly bizarre is that? I tweaked it.)

Whoever ©IM now, ©When, or definitely – and ©How… ?

Stay tuned. I still do NOT, nor can I write for free.

“You may want to follow this site if you don’t, there’s a very high probability you will lose of track it.”

-Quote by ©IM’s common sense

This domain COSTS money, plus other overhead, and my time IS extremely — valuable.


Oh, don’t be vaguely plagiarizing my writing. GOT IT?
I’m watching.



(Photo credits eBay and Pinterest.)

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