Nuking this Site! PLEASE Read.

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You might want to hit the link to that awesome photo up there. I had no idea it went to an article about Google locating a nuclear blast near your personal area.


Alexis Madrigal wrote it back on December 22, 2008!?!? I’m not sure how to punctuate that one. Very impressive indeed! You can find Alexis at The Atlantic now, or again.

As mentioned before, I don’t believe in coincidences, accidents, happenstance, or whatever you like to call it. Seeing his name at the top was a tad prodigious to me.


Believe it or not, Alexis and I had a chat some time ago on Twitter. He’s super nice, and curious about old things too. So please follow his twitter account here, or on the link on his name. He’d really appreciate it.

Okay, this gets weird. (I wrote that sincerely, and ‘improperly’.)

I’ve been vaguely writing about my Korean mother, WWII, Korean War, North Korea, and my understanding of the communism mindset from their era – to which they cling, and all those things.

Surely, you didn’t expect me to tell you everything I know.

Let’s get real, here!

Why do you think I’m nuking my own site

Nothing is as it appears here. I’ve been telling readers from the beginning. My written words have deeper meaning beyond what you are reading.

Virtually, or virtually speaking, it looks barren on WordPress, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and wherever.

Look at what I see:

©IM Infusion Musings coverage Feb 2018

Those in yellow do NOT all equal one. (Rank: USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, India, etc…, Cyprus, Angola, Nepal, Vietnam)

I roll organically with my marketing techniques, and color outside lines. I am not a squeaky wheel, and do not get in the faces of friends, or family. In fact? I back off, and test my own skills – alone.

I wield a sharp samurai sword, with very fine, shiny edges – for a reason.


It’s something I learned very early, and well – I can carve beautiful fruit – pretty fast with that wild, shiny sword.


My mom and I were seriously joining together, when she fell precariously ill. God knows when I was asking for donations, I was sincere in hopes of keeping “this thing” alive.  It was for aiding in the wellbeing of other human being with research to which I have access, and nobody else is exposing.

It WAS for American’s, and perhaps the wellbeing of human beings around the world.

Here’s what I learned about you who read here – the vast majority showed me you won’t offer a penny, nickel, dime, quarter, or dollar for truth – to save your own life.

You will take it, and walk away.

So I asked myself,

“WHY do I bother trying to help others?

If they don’t care about themselves or their loved ones –  for each to drop a $5, $10, $20 bill, but will buy coffee daily, lottery tickets, beer, pay for cable TV, internet and/or junk food – then why am I bending over backwards for NOTHING?

-©2018 IM Infusion Musings

(Disclaimer: Thank you to previous donors, God knew I needed it, and my stewardship will be held accountable.)

Stick to your herd mind, preconceived notions, and lies. Spread rumors with others and say terrible things about people – maybe lie and trash talk about me!

I hear paybacks are like boomerangs. I’ve witnessed many people get in the head for things they’ve said, and get hurt by their own words – even to me.

My mother was SO naive in America – as the only Korean – God protected her from evil people too. They all died.

She saw every single one fall off, over the years – like dominos. She can name each person, each way they died, and what horrible treatment they gave her – for being a human being.

Her other Korean friends were given special gifts too. Well, I have my own.

This is now a countdown.

Go back to the last piece written, and read it!

Then comprehend WHY (on your own this time) I am packing up – everything I “unpacked”, and am NUKING this site!

One more try. This is C-A-R-D-B-O-A-R-D, sort of. I’m too pristine. It’s something I recycled for effect.

Donations ©2018 IM Infusion Musings

I have made a whole-hearted commitment to start donating my hair to those losing theirs with cancer. 

PLEASE, I implore you one last time! READ about Peggy Summers, her letter to her daughter – Hannah – went viral. 

The story looks like this:

Peg Summer's daughter & hospice shirt MED

Her smile is irresistible! Isn’t it?

IF you want me to stay, there are about 2 weeks left before obliterate this site. I’ve begun to dismantle it already. I’ve warned all throughout my writing, because I sensed this may be temporary.

I do not write for myself yet I have definitely benefited tremendously, and hope to use it professionally, for the benefit of an organization; while beginning a new adventure about issues people really care about. (Oddly, it’s not about their own lives, nor yours.)

Meanwhile, my friends will receive the truth via my factual research, we will continue to lift each other up, and I’ll share my conversations with my beloved Korean mother – LITERALLY.

Had you manifested your interests then I would have shared my mother’s voice, but people could care less if she DIED.


I said earlier that my mother “fell precariously ill”, and was ready to check out. So, I did what I do BEST – the HARD STUFF!

What IS your life, and future REALLY worth?

I watched people literally read like vultures eat on a dead carcass yesterday. Mostly in the USA, and one other country. I won’t say where, but it proved that in a panic – people READ! (It’s increased and to other countries since.)

They read like vultures, and FED ON THE DYING!

Would you like to restore confidence in humanity, or join in with rest that I’ve observed for nearly one year – and yesterday – a very telling day?

Or keep this resource living by making a… donation?

Don’t try to remotely plagiarize me. GOT IT? 

I see. I know.


1 donations

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PS. – Dear snoopers,

Things I’ve written in the past, may have been taken out context.

Example: I wrote the word “N*gro” in a title. It was a quote by the late – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s – niece.

Something tells me that some NITWITS may have snooped, and ASS-u-me-d I was that quick witted. Thank you, but…


IF I’m close, or even correct – back peddle those words. GOT IT?


Dr. Alveda King was writing to Senator Reid about Pro-Life issues! She was doing a THROW DOWN on HIM!

“Born in the year of the tiger, don’t back this one into the corner of a cage – she still has – CLAWS!”

-@2018 IM Infusion Musings


My skin is yellow. My mother and I have lived our lives discriminated.

Case closed here.