MS-13 National Security Briefing: Press Pool Rolled by Eggs, with a Child’s Letter to the President, and “Pop-Pop”!

(Photo: Manuel Balce Ceneta, AP)

The title pretty much sums up the Press Briefing that I watched yesterday with Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders. I always want to add her dad’s name “Huckabee“.

Now I know “why”!

I love to answer that one-word question, don’t I?

Unbeknownst to me as usual, because I don’t watch TV – while listening – busy and waiting time passed, I watched a delayed livestream.

What I thought was only Sarah Sanders, as Press Secretary in action turned out to be more.

Hard to believe for those hooked on TV, but I’ve seen nothing since the campaign (i.e., rallies), because my mind is too curious to be controlled so I read freely, and research for truth.

No graphically written details here on MS-13, for the sake of readers. Many suffer, live recovering from PTSD, or have been traumatized by physical violence, sexual assault, or their lives are traumatically associated with murder.

MS-13 is similar to a serial killer, but not committed all in one person’s body like before without technology, and seemingly increasingly more deadly. It is done in the form of a swinging trapeze, or better yet — imagine a conveyor belt. One falls off, and another one is added by crossing our southern border – most likely.

Replace that “one” with thousands and multiplying.

Multiply it by groups of adult males in various countries, bring it unawares into your state, city or town; training young boys visually to repeat the identical behavioral assaults on girls, women — who could be transgender.

How do they know, or why would they care?

MS-13 is on a single-minded mission and they aren’t only raping alone before killing their victim — regardless of her age, assigned sex at birth, or cisgender. (I’m still learning, and teaching as I go.)

IF it does not have an effect on you, the announcement is imperative to know, because your personal safety, women, and that of ALL children really DO matter.

The following video is set at the start of the delayed — National Security Briefing which is, or can be very disturbing and graphic.

Feel free to skip it, and there will be others preset, beyond the horrific details of this world’s utter most debased males that function in groups, gangs, cults or however you identify this evil — resulting in blood shedding murders — perhaps killing someone you may, one day know and love.

The deflection of the Press Pool was completely mind-boggling to me. It was clear the speaker appeared to be startled, out of his enormous responsibilities and professionalism. It appeared as though public speaking is not his favorite, or the forte of any intense high-level executive.

In fact, public speaking is a top personal — FEAR!

We don’t need facts here, to know that, right?

Truthfully. The greatest fear above public speaking is what?


The video is preset now AFTER the National Security Briefing, and the questioning begins.

Was that first guy seriously NOT listening?

Did I write the word “marijuana” — anywhere up there?

Please keep in mind that I’ve not once witnessed any of this live, and was truly hesitant to watch Sarah, let alone listen to all this gory detail, then a gaggle of questions attempting to steer the speaker — only to fail — LIVE!


In comes Press Secretary, Sarah (Huckabee) Sanders.

The gaggle already has their feathers ruffled, because their questions were incomprehensible and even inappropriate at times. It literally made me wonder momentarily, if what I was witnessing was — real or surreal.

(People believe the things the gaggle turn around and say? Oy vey!)

Sarah in her monotone voice, with her dad’s inherent deadpan humor pulled a letter — right out of the rabbit’s hat.

She deflated the atmosphere with an annual White House Easter Egg Roll, followed by a child’s letter to the President, including her “Nona”, and — “Pop-Pop”.

Please watch the video. It’s preset for you with the gaggle suddenly begging and pleading politely for one more question.


She’s really good. It’s appears as if some of the best script writers orchestrated the theme, and sprinkled it with Stephen Miller’s thoughts.

Sarah’s pretty and gritty. (I like her hair straight, too.) Great combination for the position.

“Best to beware:

Sometimes the quite ones don’t bark — they’ve been waiting, they’re on guard, and have all the bite. It only takes one bite, when you’re not looking, or listening —  look who’s down?

Are you the one looking up? Oh no!”

-©2018 IM Infusion Musings

If you didn’t notice, I admire hardworking, forthright, and professional women.

They don’t backstab, discriminate, or whip out their claws to hurt others. Hardworking and professional women get their job done, just like the men, if not better. When the time is right… keep climbing the ladder, you’ll hit your head on glass — of course!

Keep hitting it, and one more time — it will shatter — keep climbing!

Do NOT stop!
Climb your way to the top!

It’s an experience. I wouldn’t call it rewarding or fulfilling, OK? Life is merely a journey we are blessed to have, and from which we learn.

Enjoy it!

Some lives are long, and some don’t seem long enough. Safety really is important, and politics does impact our lives, regardless of who is our President.


“Find the gold to be told, and share it.
For it shall multiply back to you.”


Luke 6:38 (KJV)

The hair? You need to read the previous piece to understand it all. I’m not going to explain it here. I will tell you there is a secret hidden in there mentioned almost from the beginning. (Here’s the link, just click – THIS. The pink should be a clue.)

©2017 GStreetJewels edited SMALL


I’ll make it easy for you. Orange means donate. I have things to write you really may want to know, but unless you support what it takes to do all this alone – I’m pursuing other things.

Others in my life matter more, and giving freely to unappreciative patrons is… well.


If you had a restaurant, bought the best location, furnishing, and ingredients. Then carefully prepared all the meals, and nobody paid for everything they consumed and left?

Better yet, how would your restaurant survive? It’s my writing.
Case closed.
Book slammed.
This domain is coming up for renewal, and I’m questioning its worth. Show me, or it’s history.

Speaking of history? Remember North Korea. You may want to have a look around and…

Think twice, because twice is always – nice.


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