Quotes: by Julia Child (again!)

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“Animals that we eat are raised for food in the most economical way possible, and the serious food producers do it in the most humane way possible. I think anyone who is a carnivore needs to understand that meat does not originally come in these neat little packages.”

Her quotes are good advice and inspirational. What she said was very unique, humorous, and still has common sense. Those sure were the good old days!

Here’s another one:

“I was 32 when I started cooking; up until then, I just ate.”

I was reading a biography that attempted to make her out to be a feminist. I’ve already lived that without a label, and so did my Korean mother. If you hit the link below that says “Good Day“, it too has a woman beside a successful man who didn’t call herself anything.

In fact, I never knew she existed until I researched and wrote it. He was highly honoring to his wife.

Nobody was trying to outdo the other, each was working together jointly – earnestly. Shouldn’t it be that way for everyone?

I don’t like to live by labels, but others appear to like to putting them on me. I have no idea why! I’ve lived my life seeking to be “me” – in this world – never quite understanding, why it appeared that my mere existence wrought a sense of another’s own lack of security. (I do now.)

My advice to you is to be YOURSELF!

IF you happen to be a woman think on this, it’s the flip side to the link below:

“I was lucky to marry Paul. He was a great inspiration, his enthusiasm about wine and food helped to shape my tastes, and his encouragement saw me through discouraging moments. I never would have had my career without Paul Child.”

-Julia Child

Remember we are on this beautiful earth to live interdependent lives with one another, and not to depend solely upon someone else or others.  ONLY because there is a very silent DANGEROUS reason of epidemic proportions – addressed somewhere here on this site.

Good Day!

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Understanding yourself, brings you a sense peace.


(Still waters run very deep.)

Born in Petri dish of incredible, unimaginable, diversity helps tremendously with inherently understanding and sensing, interwoven intricacies in communications, and in the most difficult relationships. (Including the one with your “self”.)

My Korean mother reared me as child to think globally and about others first, founded upon a culture of respect. It’s definitely flawed culturally for women around the world. It’s also a common theme that’s WAY out of balance.

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