Mikhail Gorbachev is Still Speaking

(Photo credit gettyimages.ch)

Who remembers Mikhail Gorbachev outside of Russians?

It’s reported that he isn’t well, yet he’s talking about a world without nuclear weapons.

I can’t figure out how that makes any sense realistically, right now. Can you?

Media is written around opinion, and propaganda. Let’s take note of some things:

  • People do not lose their minds, but they may lose control.
  • Certain human beings are prone to telling lies.
  • It’s possible one feels mentally confined, yearning to be heard, and money becomes a viable trap!
  • BAM – one has become the scapegoat – JUST LIKE THAT!
  • Other things are always happening behind the scenes.
  • Extreme wealth is beyond comprehension to most.

Let’s think about some other things now:

  • How does the Juche 주체 mindset – testing ballistic missiles – suddenly change “his” mind? (Remember: One person cannot control what another one person does physically, and anger is a controllable emotion.)
  • If Kim Jong -un truly wants preeminent domination over the world, then why did China reportedly do the speaking on “his” behalf with South Korea?
  • Did you remember Russia has a Presidential election coming up?

I research a lot and found so many things. So much it ties my own brain in knots, but I understand it like the game I showed here.

As much as I’d like to share everything with you…
It’s literally not worth my time.

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And I’m still cold.

Proverbs 19:15 (KJV)


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