Shot – ZERO Gravity Music Video; Chaser – Watch to Know

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Researching things for you, causes me to stumble across many creative artistic productions.

Such as:

S7 Airlines & OK Go, Upside down & Inside out – Вверх дном наизнанку

My feet were firmly planted here down on good ol earth. Apparently I missed quite the show!

Sure hope you enjoyed watching that colorful work of art — but WAIT!

That’s not the BEST part — yet.

Hard to believe. Right?

They were kind enough to show everything the curious mind would want to know.  Answering the question — “Как” — in “Behind the Scenes” below:

Upside Down & Inside Out. За кадром

People are pretty amazing to me!

Sure beats the topic of late. Right?

I’ll write about the kitchen sink next — maybe — you think?

Speaking of think. Remember I mentioned something about culture, history, and WWII? Hang onto that thought.

Russia has an election coming up in March 2018. Every country made a 2018 New Year statement, and I actually listen to messages in propaganda to hear what is not being said.

My mother taught me an enormous lesson she learned as a child, and well — it happens to follow a pattern — together, we can still see — today.

She’s remembered more than that, and told me — about history. While doing other necessary things, I research the facts.

I’m NOT reading it – ANYWHERE – written by “journalists”.

America is distracted by nonsense. (Yes, I hyphenated it somewhere on purpose – I do that.)

Everything is a puzzle to me, but I can figure it out easily. (Go back an READ… pictures will LEAD you. I write for anyone — for a reason.)

A piece or two is missing.
My silence is deliberate too.

As Paul Harvey would say, “Good Day!
(It’s a link — you might want to READ — HINT!)

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Proverbs 11:19 (KJV)


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Understanding yourself, brings you a sense peace.


(Still waters run very deep.)

Born in Petri dish of incredible, unimaginable, diversity helps tremendously with inherently understanding and sensing, interwoven intricacies in communications, and in the most difficult relationships. (Including the one with your “self”.)

My Korean mother reared me as child to think globally and about others first, founded upon a culture of respect. It’s definitely flawed culturally for women around the world. It’s also a common theme that’s WAY out of balance.