Watch to Know – ZERO Gravity Music Video

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Researching things for you, causes me to stumble across many creative artistic productions.

Such as:

S7 Airlines & OK Go, Upside down & Inside out – Вверх дном наизнанку

My feet were firmly planted here down on good ol earth. Apparently I missed quite the show!

Sure hope you enjoyed watching that colorful work of art — but WAIT!

That’s not the BEST part — yet.

Hard to believe. Right?

They were kind enough to show everything the curious mind would want to know.  Answering the question — “Как” — in “Behind the Scenes” below:

Upside Down & Inside Out. За кадром

People are pretty amazing to me!

Sure beats the topic of late. Right?

I’ll write about the kitchen sink next — maybe — you think?

Speaking of think. Remember I mentioned something about culture, history, and WWII? Hang onto that thought.

Russia has an election coming up in March 2018. Every country made a 2018 New Year statement, and I actually listen to messages in propaganda to hear what is not being said.

My mother taught me an enormous lesson she learned as a child, and well — it happens to follow a pattern — together, we can still see — today. She’s remembered more than that, and told me about history. While doing other necessary things, I research the facts.

I’m NOT reading it – ANYWHERE – written by “journalists”.

America is distracted by nonsense. (Yes, I hyphenated it somewhere on purpose – I do that.)

Everything is a puzzle to me, but I can figure it out easily. (Go back an READ… pictures will LEAD you. I write for anyone — for a reason. CAUTION: Many things have been deleted!)

A piece or two is missing.
My silence is deliberate too.

As Paul Harvey would say, “Good Day!
(It’s a link — you might want to READ — HINT!)

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