North Korea, China, Russia, Japan, and USA are Like Chinese Checkers (to me visually)

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The wise understand by themselves; fools follow the reports of others.  

Tibetan (on wisdom)

It’s literally becoming that simple for me to visualize and comprehend what is going on around the entire issue of “North Korea“. It goes much deeper, into history, and other countries – by far – more than listed below.

Look up and see the game I loved to play as a child – for hours. My brain was pushed by my Korean mother and me as child. The more complex, the more it puzzled me – the deeper my interests would get. 

I’m still the same today, and dare say more intense! NOBODY is holding me back or manipulating me – for once in my life.

There’s something I do not understand about human beings. We ALL embody this trait too. Somewhere within our “beings”, we have this bloated – false sense of security.

There is only one way to overcome that to my knowledge. (It’s written elsewhere.)

“주체” or Juche means “self-reliance”.  (That’s a link.) It’s also a WARNING, I gave and stand by, via my own research, and reinforced by speaking with my historic mother from Korea.

I’ve had to approach her cautiously, because for years she did NOT want to see what was happening to her beloved United States of America. She lived through WWII and the Korean War, and nearly starved as a child rationing a bowl of rice a day. Nothing ever got easier, especially after arriving to America.

The war was fought in her home country of Korea.

Once whole – divided by war – by other people! She told me how it’s infiltrated, then countries who wanted that portion of coveted land – South Korea. (I’ve made errors along the way. My sincere apologies. I wing this to make it easy – for you. It’s not the least bit easy for me to do!)

They include but not entirely:

  • Japan,
  • Russia,
  • China,
  • and North Korea.

All four are still holding tightly onto WWII. Other countries were in involved in WWII, and get no mention… thus “World War“. My focus has been very isolated or narrow, but God has an Infinite Plan.

How many fought in WWII for South Korea – only? Most WWII Veterans have passed away, and very few are living. My mother lived through it. Do some math.

Korean War Veterans are getting pretty old too. Many have passed away also.

What country is missing now?

The United States of America… as a WHOLE!

Are YOU aware of what happened, or when it began?

The media has Americans looking at the UK, or trying to get people to be interested.

Personally? It’s my opinion the Queen has gone soft with Harry, and the casualness will ruin the pomp and circumstance. It doesn’t matter in the whole scheme of things though.


Crowns, diamonds, hats, and flowing expensive gowns – cannot hold a candle to this.

This is a ballistic missile fired by North Korea toward the Sea of Japan:


(Photo credit

CLARIFICATION:  NOBODY has the power to provoke another human being to do anything – physically!

That is only one LIE!

You may want to stop the personal pretending mind game, and face up to REALITY.

Kim Jong Un for all you know… may have a roving eye with his finger on that trigger. I’ve already mentioned “WHY”.

I know more than I’m willing to write.

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The quote.)

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Think twice. Twice is nice!



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