North Korea’s Kim Jong-un is Trolling the Internet

(Photo credit ©AP Photo/Lee Jin-man)

I’m going to watch and see how many writers fall for Kim Jong-un’s trolling with his propaganda now!

This should be interesting.

Most read, but do not research. It’s all about BREAKING NEWS – FIRST! 

It kind of reminds me of asking my mother from South Korea, about a photo of Kim Jong-un sitting on a mountain side laughing. He had a desk and a laptop on a gravel road, with his older officials surrounding him, but I couldn’t figure out two things:

  1. What would they be laughing at all the time looking at nothing?
  2. Where is the source of the electricity for that laptop, on the desk, on a gravel road, up on a mountaintop?

She realized my questions were legitimate, and tried really hard not to start laughing!

People aren’t very good at sensing what’s going on.

When you all decide what’s more important – sensationalism or truth – I’ll be here waiting…

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