North Korea: Squaring the Circle of Nonsense

(Photo credit Picture: AFP Source: AFP Date: October 30, 2017)

The lovely young woman on the right is Ri Sol-Ju, or also known as Kim Jong-Un’s wife. Look at the date credited on the photo. Is it possible she was pregnant? He has moved his sister into the administration of the “regime”.

Other things are taking place there. Photos are propaganda too!

NOTE:  Take EVERYTHING you read or hear – with a grain of salt – it’s imperative.


There’s a high probability whatever it is may be laced with sensationalism, and one untruth – makes it – a lie!

Money is motivational tool for many people to stoop – using any guise available. (I’ve already written it is easy for some to dupe many people for years. You go find it.)

Another analogy is this: If you have clean, safe water running through your faucet, and someone adds a little constant stream of poison to it – BUT just enough to make it fatal – is it still safe to drink? It still LOOKS clean.

THINK before you ingest anything, with your fingertips, eyes and ears – as consumers!


REMEMBER:  I don’t watch TV, and haven’t for over 10 years. I also don’t research, watch or read that which is typical or easy, and my main resource for understanding the Korean culture – or history – is my own mother. She was born in Korea when it was ONE entire country, and lived through WWII and the Korean War

I must confess, the gap I am attempting to bridge “here” is very difficult to express. It begins to cross a border that is very personal to me, yet the ignorance of writers about Koreans, without any cultural and historical knowledge is staggering, unadulterated and reckless – globally.

I break that down into countries, then where people live, then as human beings – whose LIVES MATTER!

That would be – YOU.

People in groups don’t really want “unity or peace“, they tend to want to be “right, shutting you and your opinions up“. There is power in numbers, wealth, personal strength and intimidation – or – so they think.

North Koreans and some remaining in South Korea have suffered since WWII, and their delayed gratification would make your head spin. I grew up hearing life stories of survivors of war, and watched Korean families die after years of being separated physically by war.

My own mother is a bit hardened from leaving her homeland, and giving up her past life as a sacrifice for her family in America. It hasn’t made her easy for me, and she freely admits it. I’d say it’s made my life more difficult, but I wouldn’t pass it up for anything in this world! The lessons I’ve learned are PRICELESS!

(God is truly good, otherwise I wouldn’t be here. It really is a beautiful story looking back – it’s hard to get my mother to talk!)

When reading “World Facts” about North Korea, it made me wonder some things:

  • Whose measuring stick were they using for comparison with anything?
  • How do they measure suffering?
  • Did they visit everywhere, and find any resourceful people?
  • Were the fact finders familiar with foods they eat?
  • Were they standards measured against the 1950’s, prior years, or recently?
  • Did they compare North Korea to another communist country with the same standards or all?

I reflected back on things my mother experienced as a child. One that still haunts her to this day – is still performed on children in North Korea. It’s a form of medical treatment. Nothing extreme, we always end up laughing… over everything! American’s would freak, but they won’t cure cancer and things, because it generates money.

(HINT: Processed food and pharmaceuticals are designed to kill you. Swallow that!)

There are other things that reportedly happen in North Korea currently, and I grew up hearing about that too… from her friends while growing up and surviving in South Korea.

It’s all a consequence of war. North Korea stopped in that era. Mindset and all.

I wrote about countries having a collective “grudge” mentality. My mother explained it to me. She set the United States of America apart, but categorized them incorrectly. It’s interesting that few people I’ve met can see it clearly.

America is a very ungrateful nation. My mother sees it, she just called it something incorrectly. The lack of gratitude and materialism has been very contagious!

Traveling isn’t so much a pleasure when you get off a plane and see fast food chains. Nothing sets this world apart anymore.

My point?

Writers, whomever – tweeters, YouTubers, Periscopers, (I’ll give them a category) all want your attention. The video form of publication is getting harder to make money, so they have keep raising the bar for your attention. Some have resorted to spelling words – so I’ve heard – not to get censored.

Stop calling people names!

Just because YOU cannot comprehend what is being said, sense the atmosphere, ask intelligent questions, seek truth here, research, or know why Kim Jong-Un’s wife has been gone – don’t conjure up – things!

Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova had twins and concealed her pregnancy, along with a very long-term relationship. Not controversial enough? Caught people off guard and ruined an opportunity?

Vladimir Putin is pretty darn quiet himself. He divorced his wife in 2014, and nothing was spoken or written freely about that situation.

Speaking of Putin, it appears there’s an election coming up.

One either understands strategy, negotiations, war, history, culture, business and internationally, global or foreign affairs, human behavior – across the board – or it’s worthless “stuff”.

I’ve written about it somewhere. You may want to find it and read it.

I stand by my warning with North Korea, and stand with a statement an official from Russia made, regarding the sanctions.

Until then…

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©IM Infusion Musings a casual peer level life coach, with an extensive professional business background too. My style is to guide and write to you impromptu, personally, and help you smile. I’ve been known for years to make the really tough stuff in life – clear; lift burdens, and help make life appear more simple – or less complex – to understand.

Understanding yourself brings you a sense peace.


(Still waters run very deep.)

Born in Petri dish of incredible, unimaginable, diversity helps tremendously with inherently understanding and sensing, interwoven intricacies in communications, and in the most difficult relationships. (Including the one with your “self”.)

My Korean mother reared me as child to think globally and about others first, founded upon a culture of respect. It’s definitely flawed culturally for women around the world. It’s also a common theme that’s WAY out of balance.