North Korea Goes Nuclear on USA

(Photo credit ©Korean Central News Agency/Korea News Service via AP)

North Korea’s cultural ideology was cemented prior to WWII. The North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un is continuing the same learned behavior that’s been handed down in families for many years, adding up to many decades. It’s been well over a century.

The easiest way to describe their “regime” thinking is, that they hold a “collective grudge” over South Korea. Therefore, they also have strong animosity or hostility against Japan, and South Korea.

I should add the United States, so it makes better sense. (Afterthought – I thought it was obvious.)

My mother’s native language of Korean was disrupted when the Japanese invaded South Korea. That was around 1945 or so… per my mother.

REMEMBER: My mother was born in Korea. It was ONE country. I’m talking to history PERSONALLY, and researching!

North Korea still isn’t over the fact, that the United States of America defeated the Japanese, but Japan basically overtook North Korea’s attempt to overpower the South by invading what North Korea perceived as “their territory”.

(I always detested history! I’m trying to make it more interesting for you.)

North Korea’s border is next to what country or countries?

Is there military lined up there to ready to fight?  Yes or No.

If yes. Tell me who and why.

Are you paying attention to that general area, or do you care?

What is nuclear?

What does exposure to radiation do to you?

Can you see radiation, smell it, touch it – does it burn?

I’ve worked with it directly, and measured my exposure moving from room-to-room for personal safety. I’ve received packages, and the Geiger counter literally squawked, squeaked and screamed!


(Photo credit

I studied everything about radiation!

Who owns one of those things? A bomb would obliterate people, and things FIRST!

It appears the Vice Marshal may not be dead – as the media took so long to declare. It’s reported elsewhere that he may be at farm, and the DPRK is tightening up with their officials. Kim Jong Un has seated his sister very close to himself, drawing family into the changing regime.

So, if you browse and read around – I mentioned China. (A piece was written before many written pieces were deleted.)

Think about the history I’ve written about mentioning my mother’s life with WWII and the Korean War.

Who’s missing?


Being the ardent observer of human behavior, who watches patiently for decades in silence.

Russia made a statement about their observation, and honestly… I have to say – I agree with their conclusions – to this day.

Therefore, I stand by this warning! (It’s a link in the word, just click it there or here.)

I watch you read my research and leave. You deduce now if I know “truth”, and deal with your own conscience below.

How much does YOUR life, the lives of YOUR family, and friends REALLY MATTER to – YOU?

NO MORE LINKS to my source HERE – until you pay! I’ve lived doing the hard part my entire life.

I’m too old, and tired. It’s over!

That tax reform doesn’t touch my mother or me.
The older she gets, Medicare ROBS her! I swear they want her dead.

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Who boasts the most?

Think Twitter. (Something REALLY bothers me. I sense it.)

“Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.”

Proverbs 16:18 (KJV)



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