Juche (주체) : Currently Reinforced in North Korea

(Photo credits commons.wikimedia.org)


“주체” or Juche means “self-reliance”.

It’s reported that Kim Jong Un is reinforcing this ideology, backed by propaganda against South Korea, and the United States.

It is my recommendation that people pay attention – NOW! 


Do you recognize the hammer and sickle?

Stop with the games, and name calling.

It appears that North Korea’s nuclear weapons are now able to reenter the earth’s atmosphere, and reach the United States of America.

I’ve said it until I’m BLUE in the face – my Korean mother has lived through WWII and the Korean War.

North Korea is NOT just “talking”. It is reported that Kim Jong Un is celebrating each feat.

The information I located, is very disturbing – to me – because there is more.

I’m very aware of what human beings are capable of doing.

Why do you think soldiers are defecting, and risk being killed to escape North Korea?

Why do you think the Vice Marshal disappeared, and their culture respects the older generation?

Perhaps, this Christmas you will value “TRUTH”… just a little bit more, and support freelance writing for the wellbeing of all lives.

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