Koreans Offended in Starbucks – (They Made a Mess!)

(Photo credit favim.com)

That story is still being dipped like a soggy cookie in cold coffee.

I’m certainly NOT mowing over the over the “lady” who called the Koreans “orientals”, who were freely speaking their native language. My Korean mother obviously calls HERSELF “oriental” here.

Given my Korean’s mother’s name I highly doubt Sean H. Lee and Annie An are their native Korean names.

I zoomed in on the KOREAN writing ONLY, and presented it to my Korean mother – to read – with her knowing nothing about this non-sense. (I know her too well – obviously.)

You can read it for yourself their stories don’t quite match up, but that’s not the point. (Their Facebook pages are linked to their names above.)

My mother found Annie’s writing in Korean to be “respectful”. She was not offended by the American woman’s comments, nor was she offended by anything.


My Korean mother broke racial barriers back in the late 1950’s, right along with black men. In a town filled with bigotry, and a family that did not want her… ONLY my dad wanted my mother.

She opened doors for foreign and “oriental” women to have the right to work in a factory with respect. The next woman hired was Mexican.

My mother waited patiently for the Hart-Celler Immigration Act of 1965 to pass so she could be naturalized as an American Citizen.

She didn’t have the money afforded to her like Sean Lee and Annie An to come over to America and go to college – either with a paid scholarship, or parents footing their bill. (Read about the Korean coal briquettes – here.)

I showed my mom Annie’s English words, and asked if they were “respectful”. She broke it down.

“Old lady” is okay, but “lady” is better – because “old” isn’t nice.

Foul language isn’t respectful at all.”

-©My Korean Mother

Then I showed her photo of Annie, and my Korean mother said,

“Oh… poor thing!”

-©My Korean Mother

There’s something YOU all MISS.

It’s her tone!

We started laughing! 

My mother and I are pretty tough, because our lives have been a constant struggle. Annie suddenly appeared very pathetic to us. It’s as if we see the identical things in people.

Then I explained to her how South Korean females are changing. We’re slowly entering “territory” my Korean mother has wanted to ignore, but thankfully God has given me the ability to healthily approach and desensitize such potential painful subjects.

Next, I showed her Sean with the sailboats, and marina behind him. He reeks of wealth to her and me. (At least his hair is still beautifully jet black!)

Please stop public shaming others in their personal lives, think about what HuffPost reported. She appears to have other problems!

At one point, the woman types on her laptop keyboard and declares, “You’re going to be in trouble when I get this letter out”before another customer notes, “You’re pressing numbers over and over again.”

Emphasis mine.

Eat your cookies and drink your coffee. Everybody enjoy everyone’s language, STOP rehashing things you know NOTHING about.

If only the truth were written, then the world wouldn’t be such a mess!

Consider your own self, and self-worth.
Don’t you deserve better?

What you consume is what you expel.
Good listeners, and observers can tell.

Good Day!

This is why I ask,

“Would you please?”

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