Silence for 28 Days in North Korea – Until TODAY!

I don’t watch TV, and decided to browse the “news”. The man from North Korea photographed up there (on the left) caught my eye.

He’s North Korea’s Vice Marshal Hwang Pyong-So.

I’ve written about Kim Jung-Un a time or two, reviewing several faces, many times in great detail – recognizing him immediately.

So I went on my search for better information and found this “2 minute read by AP

Associated Press via ©IM Infusion Musings

Let that date – sit and marinate.

It got me a bit fired up and not just because of the time-lapse, but also because of these words:

It was unclear whether Hwang was verbally reprimanded, dismissed or banished to a rural area. The spy agency, which has a spotty record in reporting developments in North Korea, said it couldn’t publicly confirm Kim’s account of the briefing.

-The Associated Press

Twenty eight days and now it appears words have been omitted.

So I took my serious attitude to my Korean mother. Here’s what SHE had to say,

Better not do “방귀를 뀌다” around him. Bad attitude might kill him. Bad attitude might kill everybody.”

-©2017 My Korean Mother

(방귀를 뀌다 means to  release gas from the bowels through the bottom.)

I started laughing! But it took me three times to understand the last two sentences.

She says this stuff really fast, she’s small in stature, lowers her head and keeps walking – away as she keeps talking.

She was kind of surprised I kept laughing, and asked me,

“You think that’s funny?”

-©My Korean Mother

I told her “yes”, as I was typing her quote verbatim. Then I read it back to her. That’s when she smiled.

Somehow we understand that “gap”.

She’s lived all that! I’m still her little girl who loves old people, and yes – I get all sappy. She can’t stand that part about me.

Some people suffer and become more stoic. It doesn’t fit my personality.

Hwang Pyong-So is a human being – and like his top deputy, Kim Wong Hong, and other officers – who have gone virtually unnoticed to unnamed – have been reportedly “punished”.

If only the truth were written, then the world wouldn’t be such a mess!

Consider your self, and self-worth.
Don’t you deserve better?

What you consume is what you expel.
Good listeners, and observers can tell.

Good Day!

This is why I ask,

“Would you please?”


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©IM Infusion Musings a casual peer level life coach with an extensive professional business background too. My style is to guide and write to you impromptu, personally, and help you smile. I’ve been known for years to make the really tough stuff in life – clear, lift burdens, and help make life appear more simple – or less complex – to understand. Understanding brings you a sense peace.

How? Why? (Still waters run very deep.)

I grew up  – focused on listening intently to (communicating with) my Korean mother – translating and explaining the minutia of seemingly everything.  Sometimes her words were the wrong ones – totally, and I knew what she meant – exactly. I was the only one in the family who knew what she meant with precision. (Until here! WOW.)

Writing like this is more homey or cozy to me. It allows me time to set my mind aside, and share it in this world.

Errors and all.

Mainly my mother – via my Creator – using nature vs nurture formed my unique mind. Being born in petri dish of incredible, unimaginable, diversity helps tremendously with inherently understanding and sensing, interwoven intricacies in communications, and in the most difficult relationships. (Including the one with your “self”.)

My Korean mother reared me as child to think globally and about others first, founded upon a culture of respect. It’s definitely flawed culturally for women around the world. It’s also a common theme that’s WAY out of balance.