Dual Quotes: by Julia Child

(Photo credit by smithsonianmag.com)

“In department stores, so much kitchen equipment is bought indiscriminately by people who just come in for men’s underwear.”

She was a wonderful woman to watch. I think I bought one cookbook and only looked at the pictures. She was much to fun to sit down and watch on TV back then.

Here’s WHY!

Another quote:

“It’s so beautifully arranged on the plate – you know someone’s fingers have been all over it.”

Julia Child

Good Day!

©IM Infusion Musings a casual peer level life coach. My style is to guide and write to you impromptu, personally, and help you smile. I’ve been known for years to make the tough stuff in life really clear, lift burdens, and help make life appear more simple – or less complex – to understand.

How? Why?

I grew up and lived my life – focused on talking to my Korean mother – translating and explaining the minutia of seemingly everything. So it’s like normal to me. It makes me very different in this world. She formed my mind differently too.

From this unique bond and communication, my hope is to reach ANYONE HURTING, or share the way to stop the cycle! NOT to impress people.

It helps if others would interact, yet my topics are deliberately chosen and extremely personal. I can wait. Got a topic?  There’s a contact option at the top. No website necessary. Please be patient. Curious about something for a friend? Suicidal thoughts? (WARNING: Call the crisis line, 911, go the emergency room, or call your country’s emergency number immediately if escalating badly FIRST!)

I’m experienced with it voluntarily and professionally. Schizophrenic? Nobody understands your voices? I can. It gets noisy and confusing.

I am NOT here to be your counselor – OR – for free, OK? I have a life, please respect it. I can also tell the difference. Need an explanation so you know you aren’t alone, and can breathe better? Ask me, come read, and relax.

(Without help – I am seeking employment! This is voluntary.  When employed I am very dedicated.)  

I post whenevernot according to analytics, although I am very analytical. Again, I’m NOT HERE TO IMPRESS anyone. IF you are interested then, YOU MAKE the EFFORT and FOLLOW ME.

Find me here.

It took a life time to reach this point of understanding, and it certainly cost me more than education and money. How else would I understand?

If you would you please?


If you are in danger or know someone who is – of domestic violence or domestic assault, who needs information QUICK.  This link HERE – is The National Domestic Violence HOTLINE. It is in the USA, but the information is very helpful, even if you are located outside the USA.

(The highlighted and underlined words are (is a) direct link(s). They have a RAPID escape button for YOUR SAFETY as you search.)

My writing will be more discreet leaning toward safety for women who feel like they have no voice, but disguised behind beautiful pictures. It’s not only for women though. There is no gender when it comes to fearing for your life, or not feeling safe in your, or outside your own home.

Anyone is welcome here – from anywhere around the world. I’ll mix it up like this with humor! 

EVERYONE has been touched by this issue. Please share this, and help save a life. It will not be the first time I’ve done it, nor will it be it be the last.

If you support this cause – I ask you sincerely,  “Will you please support my endeavors?” – with togethernessthis will succeed.

This specific category of average human beings – globally – is going completely unnoticed publicly.

Women suffer greatly (there is no genderand do not exist to be punched, slugged, strangled, knocked unconscious, stabbed, raped, shot, poisoned with drugs/alcohol, stuck the house with no transportation, criticized, abandoned, neglected financially and/or emotionally, driven to second guess their own choices, bruised, kicked, conned or used as bait unwittingly by males posing as conservative, christian, open-minded liberals, unmarried or military, questioned relentlessly; females (there is no gender) are not there to be smashed in doors, or hit with trucks or cars in a garage, hair ripped out, heads smashed on concrete and bleeding, left apologizing for bleeding; grabbed by the scuff of the neck, while being cornered and yelled terribly foul names, facing a fist in her face – or some other deadly weapon; being threatened, thrown, terrorized for years – careers destroyed in the eyes of society, all while hidden from family and friends… when – the – door – closes.

The list goes on.

Sadly, so many could silently – add to it – and maybe are…


Enough is enough.