Thanksgiving Day in the USA

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I love Claude Monet.

Strange introduction for Thanksgiving Day, wouldn’t you say?

Not everyone is “happy” today.

It’s bothered me – for others – every year, for years too. Still does.


I don’t have a problem being “alone”, or as I like to call it – “living in my own skin”. Some people cannot stand being or feeling alone – with “their own self”. Other’s do NOT like holidays and do NOT understand why.

So days like this really bother them. Especially warm, sunny days.

There was a time when social media made its debut, and I’d do things that weren’t necessarily customary – but nobody knew.

For example – on days like this?

Nobody knew I was a gourmet cook, using my kitchen to compile a book. It’s now a three-inch binder full, divided, ranked – you name it – baked, fried, BBQ, grilled, healthy, and NOT.

I baked things with butter that could make your knees weak with delight, and clog ALL your arteries at the same time – leaving you craving for more!

Double layered chocolate cake, with butter cream icing filling in the middle, covered with smooth, rich, milk chocolate icing – displayed on an all glass covered cake plate stand. Like an old fashion diner!

EVERYTHING homemade! Never a microwave to speed to things up.

You HAVE to wear an apron too. It’s messy!

Grew my own tomatoes, made tomato soup and went one step further to make it cream of tomato soup. Don’t even ask about my potato soup! Three different cuts to make a pot, it’s not easy to make.

I won’t open a can of anything now.

I could make a meal out of what appeared to be an empty pantry with a bare refrigerator, and time a hot detailed meal (taking hours to complete) right down to the very last second – catering to a very unappreciative human being – who not once uttered the words “thank you”… ever. (That was his problem.)

I did what I liked to do. Learn new things, do it myself, learn to do it calmly and organized in a small space. Create – then excel and exceed my own best – aiming for the next level. Creating and growing my own spices, duplicating another favorite food, or crossing different recipes to create new tastes.

I used Nutella before it was popular in brownies that would make you salivate for more, covered with a special creamy chocolate icing. Nobody could pinpoint the unique tastes, that I secretly combined.

So I had this business plan in casual conservation – I mentioned it. Then I was threatened RIGHT there in my face. Literally, of my dream – legally.

(WARNING: Someone will always attempt to destroy your dreams! Sometimes it may even be – YOU!)  It wasn’t me, in this case. That’s what people do to others when their own lives – suck. Yours doesn’t have to – that’s why I write.

While preparing a “Thanksgiving meal” on Thanksgiving day, in between my preparations and timing I’d do something else. The concentration was always very relaxing for me, and my rescue pets.

I get to the subject! Sometimes we need to slow down to get the deeper significance about life.

On holidays like Thanksgiving, I jumped a gate separating a doorway (placed strategically to stop dogs from running dangerously), and go straight to my desk top computer to do something for others. It was my shortcut.

The result was rather surprising too.

Facebook was new and groups were few. It was a great time to do good things with people.

Looking back for a second? The saddest part is this – observing from a distance, the massive or collective change in hateful attitudes has increased exponentially over the last eight or nine years or so. It’s obvious to see when it escalated too.

What I did then, would not make a dent today. Basically, I got on Facebook where it is more personal to help others cope. I’d show plain, nostalgic and meaningless photos to help people remember the more simple things.

Like a rotary phone, and when it rings!


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No holiday themes, no pictures of meals, no family gatherings – THINGS!

People and their overall wellbeing truly MATTERS to me. Sometimes writing leaves me feeling really stifled – like I’m barred from reaching ANYONE.

(Remember: It’s only a feeling and NOT true!)

It doesn’t stop me from dreaming and reaching for the highest star though!

Does that kind of make sense?  I threw this together.


It took a life time to reach this point, and it certainly cost me more than money. How else would I understand?

If you would you please?


(Hope you enjoyed the company.)

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