How the Sound of Chain Saws Inspired Me to Write

The sound of chain saws got my attention,
seeming late in the afternoon – for cutting down a tree.

So I got up to see out of curiosity, silently wondering to myself,

“Where exactly are they cutting this tree?”

It was directly behind me – now in front – as I looked out the window, but fortunately kind of close to me.

The tree is in a strange place. I can only see it through a small space due to obstructions in the yard, and a conveniently narrow space. It sits in an area of property referred to as a “common area”.

I always knew it was there, but right then – that particular tree was conveniently in the line of my sight – and to my delight. Especially that beautiful fall day.

Simple things in life have always fascinated me, but put more simply? Simple things are sometimes complexities – thought out very well logically.

I’m thinking to myself,

“Wow! This is going to be REALLY cool.”

So I sat down, on an antique chair filled with many memories – adding more to its little history, and began to watch. I certainly didn’t expect to write about it, but it was too beautifully orchestrated!

I’ve often wondered how trees were removed in areas like this. Especially that particular tree, because it was tall and to my limited knowledge – it’s been dead for several years. I happen to know they can be quite dangerous when they do fall under certain conditions. I’ve experienced it at least twice. Once was pretty harrowing.

I’ve always wondered if that thing was going to fall, or legally – who it belonged to – stuff like that. All I knew was – as long as it was standing – it wasn’t my problem, but always think ahead. I understood the legalities if it had fallen.

Remember: Safety first! 

Over the years I’ve had several trees removed for various reasons. Some beautifully outrageous flowering trees here. We won’t go there!

Sadly, once a mighty oak had fallen due to 90 mph (mile per hour) wind shears – leaving quite a bit of damage. The first experience only appeared much worse. It squashed our little garage completely, but it led to bigger and much prettier buildings in the future (my designs, we build it) – next to the mighty oak. (I took you in circle – backwards.)

But those were all in the confines of a tight city block. Houses nearby, alleys crossed, electrical and/or telephone wires, poles, and such. Back then it almost always required the use of a bucket truck.


(Photo credit: Utility Fleet Sales)

This was different. There are no polls or wires hanging in the air, and plenty of open land. The terrain is definitely beautiful and naturally different.

When I spotted the tree, nearby it, a guy was already harnessed and had started climbing safely – like a pro. This totally fascinated me! For me, it was a real life display or show.

I’d never seen anything like this. It was like being in the woods – almost like being a curious kid watching something new. Do you realize how rare this really is – in life?

He’d shove the spikes, on his boots into the sides of the tree, steady himself – balance, shimmy the loop wrapped around the tree, attached to the harness around his waist – UP… making sure it was tight, and securing himself.

He’d repeat his patient, deliberate steps with nature. It’s as if he and nature were working together – respecting each other – as ONE.

(He was going up – hanging, tethered, attached to and from – nothing!)

Each time he’d stop, as he met a branch, he took a chainsaw hanging from his belt, and cut of the smaller branch.

He did that several times until he met a larger branch, on what appeared to be a dangerous side. I say that because it was hanging over someone’s chain link fence in their backyard – the opposite side of the open space.

(I KNOW NOTHING HERE! I’m only a spectator.)

A couple of things blocked my view on the other side with the open space, but WAY over there to the left, was a mini front end loader, and some other guys. All wearing hard hats – but of course! Right?

It was very well-organized, yet I had no idea just how well – until I looked back – at the tree with the climber.

The guy on the tree began to lasso the branch, from QUITE a distance – like an expert. That requires confidence, precision, practice, practice, and skill. While he was busy roping rapidly with his artistic precision; the others came over and cleaned the fallen branches.

I’m thinking to myself,

“Now, that’s really efficient use of time. Someone really has good time management skills. Good thinking!”

I’m business minded and love efficiency! My interests are vast and do not fit in a box.

(Remember: the days are shorter and they started this project kind of late in the afternoon. PLUS: I KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT THIS BUSINESS!)

The guy in the tree was finished securing the rope, so he came down carefully by repelling from that rope he skillfully used as a lasso.

(For impatient people:  It reminded me of this, with one exception. The tree had bark! Therefore the climber you’re reading about, had to give HIS climb – a little more time, with a LOT MOREBITE!)

Someone – who I could not see, had extended one of the two ends of the rope – doing something. The guy who climbed the tree who had secured them, now had his back to me, but appeared to be doing something to the other half of the two ropes.

My point of view was narrow, but somehow exact. Next thing I see is another guy with a very large chainsaw! Suddenly it all clicked with me!

(I couldn’t see the entire space. Right? I’m also not accustomed to “this” area or type of tree cutting.)

He pulled the cord, revved it up, began to cut – and CRACK!

That old dead tree skipped, hopped, dropped, leaned over, and fell safely down to the ground. I only heard it and saw it lean in detail. My total vision was limited, but exact.

This is part is ONLY a guess, OK?

There may have been about five or six good working men out there. It is my estimation the entire job was completed in approximately less than three hours. The terrain is anything, but flat.

I’ll leave out all the endearing and funny things that appeared to be a coincidence (like the tree climber and my dogs), but I don’t believe in coincidences. Right? (It’s written elsewhere. Your turn to make take the lead, go read and find out where!)

There is a business moral to this story. You can’t possibly read this without learning and appreciating – a lot! Right?

Entrepreneurs are very successful at skilled trades like this.

The owner is younger than me, loves his job, works extremely hard, he’s very friendly, knows many people, cares for his family, takes very good care of them too, and values his employees like family.

Good people do that!

If you ever heard of, watched, or listen(ed) to Mike Rowe, he talks about this issue constantly too. You can find his website here. If I recall correctly from his podcasts, it is a WordPress website.

The man with the skill of climbing the tree safely, and looking so naturally, while making it appear like artwork – he is a tad bit older than me.

Mike Rowe and I share the same mindset, but with one HUGE difference.  NO! Not that I’m a female, but that’ll work. I did the “actual work” myself – enjoying the fruits and literal vegetables of my labor.

It leads me to this question:

“Who is young, dreaming, standing ready mentally, and getting prepared, or preparing to replace talented tree climbers like him?”

Which leads me to question this:

“Who aspires to own a [quality tree service(s)], cutting trees, providing other services, and the dedication that goes with it? This business is also called out on emergencies 24/7.”

Universities do not teach it.
Do trade schools teach it? Where?
Not like what I saw.

I’m admittedly out of touch with vocational schools now.  Would someone please tell me?

I may be formally educated, but my life is filled with good, mind exercising, laborious work too.

How? Why?

It’s very fulfilling to see a job finished or created right before your eyes, and with your very own hands.

When not directly providing income according to society’s standards called a “job”- fit for a résumé (yet part of a relationship – only I considered a team, and “one-sided” doesn’t work), skilled trades, and manufacturing have been the source of income feeding me for the vast portion of my life.

Plus I’ve actively participated in my own vehicle mechanics, carpentry, repurposing furniture, landscaping, and so much more! Maybe one day I’ll share some stories and photos. Remind me, because I do a lot of things.

Like roofing and sculpting the back yard. We ripped the soil out! I did not do pretty things, and have not since I was in my teens. I got dirty hauling buckets of DIRT – ALONE! One day much later it was perfectly arched, with lush green grass, and nary a weed naturally. It took hard work, dedication, cultivation, and patience.

Every job and every human being is/are individually and collectively very important. Please, do your best to not take anyone’s job or them for granted – ESPECIALLY you, your own self, and your own job!

Society’s option does NOT MATTER!

Whatever you do, IF YOU did not do it, nor anyone else – we would ALL be in a filthy mess!

Working with – and part of a functional team MATTERS! It instills a tremendous amount of confidence, providing a measure of necessary self-worth. Many people NEED this routine and camaraderie – without even realizing the depth of the personal value.

Many people just want to “feel good” FAST – or – pretend to “be someone” else, and be paid or celebrated for it. (What is it?) None of that lasts!

If you are a parent please, teach your children, learn together, or – if still young – learn a skill.

Age is only a number (in your mind), now that I think about it. There’s ALWAYS something new to learn – REGARDLESS of your age.

As a MATTER a fact – why stop at one?

How many skills do you have to where you could earn a living – if ONLY given the opportunity? 

I can do many things and have already. I also have foresight, and planned ahead with my domain name. It’s actually catered to a skill, yet to be fulfilled while I am creating “this” to share with you.


While you read this in minutes flat, it took decades of living a life I cannot articulate to sit, and simply write like this to you. Plus it cost me more than only money – like experience, imagination, observation, and knowledge – to create “this” written piece.

Just like climbing the tree – it all takes courage. Overcome your fear!

Lasso the highest branch, reach for highest star – and whatever you do?

BE who YOU know, you truly ARE!

Be the BEST you can BE – then, EXCEL and EXCEED your own best, and keep reaching higher and higher.

Your persistence will finally pay off.

Do not EVER quit!

KEEP climbing!

Would you please?


Top photo credit: free HD wallpapers
GIF via

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