Feeling Alone? It’s a Little More Than That

Feeling alone? Come here a minute.



Because you’re not.

Most, if not – very many of us have – felt the same way too.

Maybe not the same way you do, I understand. ANY way you feel “it” – it always feels awful. Right?

It can last a little while, depend upon the type of day, like different weather (even SUNSHINE!)

OR – it feels like it JUST WILL NOT – go away.  As if it might linger on, and last forever.

OH, but that’s not true! Nothing here on earth, EVER lasts FOREVER!

We only have the present, and it’s right now, OK?

This might sound too simple – sounds cliché – but anything worth having REALLY takes – personal effort.

Train your mind. Exercise it!

Truth be known everything can’t be automatic, kind of like spellcheck. Even that is INCORRECT, sometimes!

Even makes the best of writers look downright silly! Right?

We are human beings not computers! But, with time and exercise of your mind, eventually it will become automatically yours!

Pills don’t really cure, therapy is not sure – (respectively) – things like that:

  • mess with your beautiful mind, and
  • waste your valuable time. Right?

Stop and think about it.

By seeking counseling you are now permanently labeled in a computer system, and someone told you – what they thought you were thinking because of how you felt one day, but nothing was solid.

(Disclaimer: Some exclusions may apply!)

Since when are human beings – mind readers?

[Advice:  Please read ALL side effects to your medication(s), and learn to take better care of your own mind and body. Rather than be a byproduct of a pill.]


Many mood altering medications have personally dangerous side effects.

Why would pharmaceutical companies allow that?

Not only that! Why would you ALLOW that to your OWN self?

How would side effects be helpful or beneficial for you, or a loved one? Such as:

  • aggressiveness,
  • mood changes,
  • suicidal thoughts,
  • hallucinations, etc.

ESPECIALLY when you’re already bummed!

Something stinks 😷. Can you smell it? I can SEE it! 😳

It’s slippery, like a slope.

Maybe that’s too deep, but pretty close! File that away in your mind, or better yet – bookmark this page.

Here’s the simple stuff.

When your personal tank is dry, sitting on “EMPTY” – logically – what’s the next step?

Fill it UP!

Keep your mental engine clean!

Start with a list. Carry it with you too!

It’s your “personal” foundation only to help YOU think – quickly, and be sure you “date it”! One day you’ll look back and appreciate it.

Title the list in your own words –

Everything for Which I am Thankful

Let’s begin:
(Get something to start writing your own list – I’m waiting.)

Ready? Set – Let’s go!


Can you see? Yes!

“I’m thankful for my vision.”

Can you read? Yes!

“I’m thankful for my ability to read.”

Can you write? Yes!

“I’m thankful I can write – with my pen and paper, on my phone, etc.”

Can you think? Yes!

Get the point? Focus, concentrate on the SMALL things. People tend to the take small things, and their loved ones – for granted.

So many people would like to see. Literally! Imagine that. Blindfold yourself for about four hours, and do your thing. FEEL how it’s almost real, then come back and share how it felt.

Remember: Personal safety FIRST!

Some would like read, others want to eat – have a bed, new pillow, a place to call a home, clean sheets, a shower, running water, a toilet – toilet paper, electricity, parents, brother, sister – a clean shirt, a pair of shoes, socks and more.

Sometimes it’s those hungry people who are the most grateful, and they don’t take medication. They don’t self-medicate either.


Well, from my observation MOST do not live in the United States. (Thank you to my Korean mother for teaching me as a child to see the world differently.) They aren’t filled with self-pity, or venom called jealousy. The latter is also known as envy  – causing bitterness and strife.

Some human beings merely wish to live – striving to survive.

So where are you on this spectrum? Do you ever slow down to stop and look at your own life? What’s around you right now? Count the things in front you, and list how well you’ve been blessed.

What do you take for granted? Do you have a refrigerator? A stove? Dishes? Soap? Toothbrush? A robe? Flannel pajamas when it’s cold? A warm meal? Gloves? Coat? Umbrella?

If you look inside your mind – it opens. Careful though, you might see straight down through to your HEART!

WARNING: It’s not necessarily pretty.

Many chose not to do this, because emotionally it’s a scary proposition, or think therapy is in “vogue’.

Realistically? It can have an obvious inverse effect, result, and/or resolution.

Complexity is really quite simple – it takes curiosity and finding a new way around. Ask the right person and/or people. BUT be cautious about book knowledge when it comes to your own mind – that includes the internet too.

I hope you learned something about yourself. Feeling sorry for yourself is the most dangerous form of “lack of ease” once defined simply as “disease“. It was also known as “discomfort“. Did you realize – or were you aware – words have been redefined?

Too many people “think” feelings are a barometer or compass, by which they should follow, or to find their way through – this journey called – “life”.

Look where most people are now!

  • Relationships are shattered and scattered.
  • Organizations have no stability or longevity.
  • Social media is grinding out anger and/or hate 24/7.
  • People hide behind a facade for one reason or another – some real and some imagined for a feeling.

Which leads us back to two words:

  1. Think is one word.
  2. Feel is another.

Following your heart is foolish and dangerous. Sadly we are all prone, to reacting to our feelings.  But isn’t that how we learn? Learning is how we turn around and educate. Feeling IS necessary, but pride, insecurity, and self-pity can be so insidious.

There needs to be a good balance between the two – thinking and feeling. That’s why we ALL need to train and exercise – our own brain.

Don’t hand your mind to a stranger, and let them try to figure out your feelings! Feelings really aren’t in your brain. That makes NO SENSE!

That’s your conscience.

Isn’t that more logical? I can only hope so.

God knows my heart, and if I could help the entire world see life more clearly, to give each one of you just a bit of peace – I would in a heartbeat.

Honestly? Blazing a whole new trail on the internet ALL OVER AGAIN – FEELS a bit like this

BUT, I know the truth is EXACTLY what I just shared with everyone who just read this! See you’re not alone.

Come on in! The water’s fine!

©IM Infusion Musings, who happens to be a casual peer level life coach – guiding and writing to you – via a personal impromptu style. I’ve been known for years to make the tough stuff in life really clear, lifting burdens, and help make life appear more simple. Find me here.

It took a life time to reach this point, and it certainly cost me more than money. How else would I understand?

If you would you please?


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