Hometown Friendship & Trust

Here’s a quick look at something nice.

Remember this:  Be polite, and ALWAYS ask permission!

(Notice:  Quiet people do really nice things for other people and together for the good of others – not for attention, but to help someone else whose life matters. We go unnoticed for doing things like this, but if it helps one person’s life get better – then alone or together, we have done something good. Would you please pay it forward?)

This may or may not be rare, (sure feels like it) yet it’s important others are aware.


Because I truly care about YOU, and YOUR well-being really does MATTER!

(In case you’re thinking something like, “But you don’t even know me” – you’re right. Sincerely from my heart, I’m compelled to do what I’d like others to do for me – regardless if they do or not. I’m a doer. Many if most do not. I do not follow any crowd. My brain understands how to follow my conscience and my heart. Outside of that, I’m very business principle oriented with a policy & procedure type mentally, yet think WAY outside the box.)

True friendship is based on certain characteristics and/or aspects.

Things like trust, confidence, sincerity, loyalty, dependability – and most of all someone who will treat you with – respect.

First, you must – treat your own self with respect, and it ALL looks a bit like this:

I have this friend – he’s a guy, and we share the same birthday!  (At the same hospital.) That little secret makes us feel and think, almost more than friends, and more like spiritual twins.

No kidding.

We’ve known each other practically all our lives, and grew up in church together. Did not ever say a word about or to each other. Seriously!

Both of us have lived interesting lives to help supplement and encourage the other.

We met on Facebook years ago and some years later I ran into him. It’s no coincidence either, because nothing is – friends, and good things are meant to be!


Because? You (we all – around this entire world) REALLY do MATTER!

This is how we text. One at a time to complete a thought, “listen carefully” to the response, respond completely, and conclude the conversation.

We respect each other’s schedule, and do not interrupt – sleep!

We bid each a “Good night and sweet dreams“, with a blessing – always!

He maintains a more simplistic life as I reach for the stars and dream of great things! All the things I research and do, potentially exposes me to a lot of evil and toxic people. God knows I’m determined to forge a trail leading away from it, if necessary.


Toxic people are those who attempt or try to “complicate” your mind, destroy relationships, control, they give you an uneasy feeling, bug you with nonexistent things trying to get your attention – make sense? Or at least resonate?

That sense you get is called “mistrust”, and I’d like to help you grasp it better, because you and everyone around the world – deserve to live a better life! Right?

(HINT: Corporations could use this information as turnover rates are through roof. It gives them a bad reputation, by hiring toxic people. It begins HERE.)

We ALL yearn for THIS!

It’s encouragement. It is SO refreshing.

When the world GETS to me – I know I can ALWAYS just turn to my dearest friend, and shut everything OUT! Clear my mind, remove the clutter – HE HELPS ME, LIFTS ME UP, KEEPS IT SIMPLE – and miraculously somehow I’ve just learned another enormous life lesson.

GIANT step forward!

He reminds of writing on WordPress, except he’s not an organization or virtual. My friend is a real human being who would do anything for me, and vice versa. Every conversation is like this too.

Not verbatim, yet implied. We speak truth, with common sense, simply intellectually, and MOST of all – WE KEEP IT CLEAN – naturally.

Neither one seeks anything. We exist to give – a shoulder, an ear, advice, guidance, any kind of help – express appreciation, and always encourage each other.

It’s called – RESPECT.

NO cursing, NO mention of sex – EVER. NO booze, NO drugs – NOTHING.

Experience? You bet!

He and I understand each other. We are not here to be emotional toilets 🚽!

Respect begins with whom, first?

You – with your own self.

Start today! Wait, why wait?

Start NOW!!!

As they say – “Asking for a friend!

Matthew 25: 33-36 KJV

Impromptu writing by me, and life coach.

©IM Infusion Musings, writing to you.  Would you please make a contribution today?