Prince Harry Meets Two Lives of Poverty and Speak

(Photo credit Huffington Post UK.)

This video was located while browsing Town&Country Magazine.  It’s subject was certainly unexpected, and given the context surrounding it – I removed it.

Again, I don’t typically sit and listen to anything if not required or highly desired, but this struck my curiosity. There’s no explanation as to why, either – other than to open my eyes.

This will not be appealing to just anyone and everyone – mainly those whose mothers made a  high and lasting impact in and on your lives to guide, focus, survive, strive, and give back – in whatever way you’ve created, or your heart moves you.

Regardless of your political view – this is a conversation. It is not scripted. Each speaker respects their mother, are honored to be in Harry’s presence, humbled – which helps them appear to be authentic, and thereby remain – “true”.

Sometimes, it seems to me that listening is a gift that can be, honed into a better skill. It means as one listens, one (like me) can filter out information that is, or what appears to be the speaker’s personal reality.

Meaning, it’s true to them, and makes it real in their eyes, or they may be avoiding the disclosure of information – things like that. When listening, it enables one to withhold the inward repellant called “judgement”. Make sense?

Something the young lady pointed out – is that – responsibility for the children begins with the parents, then society – that made me stop and think.

She’s from the United Kingdom, not the United Stated. That’s how my Korean mother raised me to think, and they have a cultural mindset – yet my Korean mother is very American, and patriotic. Somehow I see things both ways.

I have something written, but need to say it here and now.

When I wrote previously, regarding the political “stuff” – my words were fueled by another’s dogma and personal anger issues. His dogma and apparent mental disorder(s) will not have a lasting effect on me, because obviously my styles of writing are not even comparable, plus I have proof – an alibi – CEMENTED legally, and Federally.

What really hurts is when Princess Diana died, it was the first time I remembered exactly where I was, and what I was doing when I heard the news. He later made the entire Royal Family out to be – only a vacuum for money – and less than human beings.

Those words steamroll people, and anyone listening to talk like that.

Although, there’s no way to completely remove politics from a responsible life, it’s everywhere. Plus there are issues about which I am passionate. One is women’s rights – only on particular issues.

Those stem from my Korean mother, from everything she has taught me, inspiring within in me an insatiable curiosity – born from two highly intelligent parents.

Otherwise, I have no dog in the so-called “political fight”.

It’s so toxic. Right?


As they say – “Asking for friend!

Matthew 25: 33-36


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