Courage: Face Your Fears

Face your fears.

Remember this:  You do not EVER want to live with regrets!

When you’re older, and look back – you do not want to kick yourself, because it’s ONLY THEN you can hear or see yourself say,

“Oh man, I wish I would’ve…,
Oh, I really should’ve…,
If I only could’ve…”

You REALLY could have!


And IF you would have there should not be – anything – to regret.  If so, if possible – go back and reconcile it.

Life is a journey.  It’s a trip, and yeah – some are tripping, some are tripping BAD, some are laying down, some are sitting, some are rolling around, others are skipping, others are limping, while others are literally running repeated marathons.

So what?

Life’s a variety.

If we fortunately – reach an indescribable temporary top.

That is where we stop – realizing everything we have gleaned – what we’ve learned from everything – be it good or bad or sad, and continue to proceed.

When you live facing fears, you also learn, or get a sense, that when it really MATTERS – you do not LET

Anyone in any way, shape or form – pass away, or pass by your side, knowing you are about to potentially have any sort of regrets.

It requires foresight and stepping out of your comfort zone. Also known – as courage, and it feels very, very scary.


Always help others, and gently encourage them to garner courage to do the same as you.

Repeat and proceed – then one day you realize it’s become your second nature, or who you really are inside.

Then again it may be something given innately.

It doesn’t really MATTER!


Not right now. It’s another truthful experience we can share together later. (Please, keep in mind there are many people around the world who are truly hurting in various ways.)

As they say – “Asking for a friend!

Matthew 25: 33-36 KJV

Impromptu writing by little Ole me, it takes courage too!


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