You Matter Keep Striving!

Keep striving!

If there’s a wall climb it.
If there’s a wall break through it.

If you get tired look to the sky and enjoy the view, but whatever you do – do not stop!

Do not go around that wall.

Reach for the top,
Or go through it!

Keep striving!

REMEMBER this: Do not EVER allow anyone – to EVER let you think – they can MAKE you EVER – stop trying!

That includes yourself.


Because, in the end persistence wins!

Keep striving!

Follow your dreams, reach for the stars, and be the best of who you know you REALLY are!


Because, in the end WHEN persistence wins, part of the winning prize will be the confirmation that – you REALLY do matter!

Keep striving!

As they say – Asking for a friend!

Matthew 25: 33-36 KJV


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