5 Ways to Jumpstart your Life to Living Better

For those of you who would like to live more mentally clean and feel better about yourself, the following are several basic tips from where you can easily start.

  1. Get out of the media mania, because it is very contagious.
  2. Define boundary lines of self-respect, understand the meaning of respecting yourself to the core, and do not allow others to cross your boundaries anymore.
  3. Beautify your surroundings (i.e. your home, apartment, room, bathroom, wallpaper on your phone, etc.) with art.  Most importantly try to create it. Be proud of your accomplishments and work of art!  The beginning is where every artist made their start.
  4. Talk to people and be an encouragement.  Volunteering with elderly or rehabilitation are great ways to learn about others, and while both are mutually healing it’s equally uplifting.
  5. Learn about and discipline yourself to eat better (i.e. less carbs, less sugar, more protein, more exercise, etc.), and establish a routine to go to bed at a scheduled time every night.

Start with one at a time, because none of these are nearly as easy as they sound. In fact, each, and more are a change in lifestyle.

The beauty in changing your lifestyle opens your eyes to a new population of people, and more styles.

Perhaps a new passion, new friends.  The possibilities are endless.

If you detox your life from hatred, evil, and strife, then eventually the darkness makes way for light, light heartiness, and onward momentum toward a better life!

It takes one person to make the difference, then another to pass it on.

Change is a choice we make, and from there we influence others in groups.

The first steps have been laid out.

There are more.

©IM Infusion Musings