FERGUSON: Why? Truth REALLY Matters!

The ‘screen selection’ above is courtesy of FERGUSON (the link to the left) described below:

World Premiere of Ferguson, a reenactment of the controversial killing of Michael Brown on stage using only Grand Jury testimony. Written by Phelim McAleer. Directed by Jerry Dixon.

I’d like to say, “I stumbled across” what I’m about to share with you, but I don’t believe in such things.

My personal research of late, and in no particular order has been:

  • war,
  • communism,
  • study of the criminal mind, psychopaths, maniacal rage, thieves, liars, extreme brutality against women,
  • and how not to be predator’s prey.

I don’t watch TV, and can rarely tolerate hearing or listening to very much of anyone or anything on video for any length of time or repeatedly.

But THIS . . . . I cannot explain why, I hit “play”.  All I can say is . . . . I’m thankful I did!

It’s simply and naturally compelling to hear the truth spoken verbatim with the most superb actors reading, and yet kind of “not”. While knowing in my HEART this was about two lives in real life . . . . and not some imagined plot.

I was SHOCKED. Gripped by words that were NOT a script, but a transcript . . . . of a Grand Jury testimony.  It was disturbing and truly heartbreaking . . . . for both parties involved.

I’ve got nothing for the liars.  PERIOD.  That’s a WHOLE lot of people who are accomplices in my book.  One day they shall meet their Maker, just as I will too.

(You REALLY MIGHT WANT TO BOOKMARK THIS PAGE, it’s worth every bit of 1 HOUR and 25 minutes.)

First, I watched the video response to FERGUSON: The Play, not knowing what this was about, nor do I know of this man.  I’m not going to take anything away from Phelim McAleer. Here’s his YouTube description:

Watch BLM activist’s reaction when she sees the truth about Michael Brown’s shooting on stage in NYC. This is WHY we made the “Ferguson” Play. 

It was early in the morning and for whatever reason I decided to watch FERGUSON: The Play.  Again, I’m not going to take anything away from the wording:

Published on Mar 30, 2016

These are professional actors reading the actual words of eyewitnesses detailing minute by minute what happened in the run up to the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. It includes forensic and medical examiner evidence that proves the truth and debunks the liars.

The video captured my attention for the entire 1:22:49 (hour, minutes, and seconds), and I doubt the entire Black Lives Movement has gotten that much of my attention, nor this or any other trial.

I can explain why, just ask.

Meanwhile, please take the time to expose yourself to the Grand Jury testimony, a creative artistic rarity of TRUTH on DISPLAY . . . . via FERGUSON:  The Play:

I was thinking about dropping this political shtick, due to lack of financial support . . . .  but “TRUTH” is the light I shine in the dark, and “we unite” by paying it forward. Right?

I see something like this, and cannot resist.

Would you please tell me . . . . What is it about TRUTH that allows all those who read to turn a blind eye, allowing the lie(s) to grow and grow . . . . only to continue?


I can’t resist telling the TRUTH, you sit here, read it, and many do! How can you?

Simply SHARE IT!

How many of you have ever said, “Silence of __________ makes them an accomplice?”

Then maybe, just MAYBE – you – should SHARE IT!

As they say, “Asking for a friend” . . . .

bigMONEY jar

Matthew 25: 40-43 KJV


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