Dr. Seuss a Chinese Man Cartoon SNAFU

Prepare to roll your eyes I’m about to briefly repeat myself OK?

Pay close attention though, because I’ll be using my Korean mother a tad out of sequence as an example of . . . . “forgiveness”.

Ready for this . . . . SNAFU?


That’s Mickey Mouse!

The Korean War was waged by North Korea with the aid of mainly which country?


Then Russia stepped in behind China . . . . not fair, have you seen the size of those two countries? They’re huge!

I like the personal touch, it gives a better perspective.

I called my mom to ask, because I can’t remember. Why would I?  My mother says,

“South Korea is as big as the states of Missouri or Arkansas. They’re about the same size as each other.”

Then she hangs up, because she happened to wake up . . . . and again wasn’t interested in this “stuff”.

If anyone had the opportunity to hold bitterness toward another country, it would be my mother. First Japan with WWII, then China, and Russia with the Korean War.

But . . . . NO!

You know something?  FREEDOM supersedes everything!  First and foremost to Almighty God, followed by gratitude for FREEDOM and the United States, or the Military, or Veterans . . . . it’s a lovely confusing blend and I understand what she means, so I say it too.

Where were we . . . . in this era?

SNAFU . . . . Yeah!

That guy, or word.  It’s not language I’d use, but the United States government needed to teach the young, shortsighted, immature boys to be responsible young men.  Formally known as . . . . adults.

They needed a way to keep their attention too. So the United States government enlisted the creative talents of at least two names you should know.  Simply put:

To teach young soldiers to control aspects of their personal lives for the good of America, then their families and future . . . . and NOT be, what we CURRENTLY see nationwide, but now in the hometown of . . . . WHO?

Dr. Seuss

Chinese man Who eats with sticksSpringfield, Massachusetts, an iconic . . . . SNAFU.

Watch where SNAFU teaches young combat soldiers the lesson of consequences when “Going Home” and talking out of . . . . thoughtlessness.

This one has a better ending with the Chinese of all people.  Oh my!  Look at how SNAFU dresses to hide! Those “jarring racial…” shoes . . . . Wait!

That’s NOT true.  Watch:

I’ve come to the realization so few know about Dr. Seuss outside of children’s books, and this one oriental character under attack, by three unknown writers.

One is a young Chinese female with the last name of Yee, who’s being contested by one of two LOCAL business owners willing to purchase the mural, by the same last name and no relation to the trouble maker Yee, either.

Quite frankly . . . . it leaves my mind in a bit of a jam,

With no “Green Eggs and Ham“.

See, Mr. Andy Yee, the business man preserved a local diner in 2015, and employs people opposed to writing children’s books teaching how to tell lies. (I stopped there, you go find it if you’re so curious.)

Mr. Andy Yee . . . . is very American Chinese.  Here is Mr. Yee speaking with his business partner, and the Mayor of Springfield, Massachusetts.

He’s a man of very few words.  It’s cued for the initial remarks, so listen closely:

The actual conference starts at 4:34.

There’s more to Dr. Seuss though . . . . as you will see:

Learning via ignorance, and I’m ashamed to admit it . . . . yet it took only once.  It means I was clueless, but nonetheless sometimes learning experientially is tough, but it’s also a means to show one . . . . about one’s self.  Thus, it’s an opportunity for self-awareness and personal growth.

When discussing someone’s past and it deals with “WAR” and all that surround it, in a foreign land, or living life unlike anything ‘we’ may comprehend or have an inkling of their experiences . . . . do it with the utmost care.

Do not blast photographs of their bad memories in their face . . . . even if it isn’t part of their experiences of war, but perhaps a duplicate of sorts in a display of art.  Think first, and be smart.

Still others don’t want to feel the effects of a broken heart.

China has people, like Korea, and like America, who are Chinese and Korean . . . .  who have to work.

Some may not be aware that America now grows rice, too.  It’s so rural in America and widespread . . . . who sees them in the rice fields?

These people below are Chinese in China, and are SO resourceful.

To those three who find the “Chinese man who eats with sticks” such a “jarring racial stereotype” . . . . Here’s what I have to say,

How about you shove your . . . . HYPE! 

My Korean mother looks pretty much like them.   She’s living history like Mr. Andy Yee’s mother . . . . and when she rides her lawn mower?

Well, she REALLY looks like that, (up there) . . . .

Wearing her own . . . . straw HAT!

There’s a good reason for everything they do, and hardly any body has a real clue . . . . as to WHY.

I do.

bigMONEY jar



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