Otto Warmbier’s Parents vs Coroner’s Examination & My South Korean Mother

I’ve written about or mentioned Otto Warmbier, and his criminal behavior or act in North Korea, twice (here and here).

Otto was recorded on security cameras stealing public property, known as propaganda in the notoriously harsh communist country of North Korea.

A couple of observations I’ve made over the years of guilty people or those lying on television are these:

  1. When a loved one is dead, lost, or dying, and it’s painful or horrifying for the listener to hear, and the family member will not or does not shed one tear . . . . there is a HUGE problem, right there.
  2. When a loved one is dead and the story is traumatic, it makes me wonder how they are capable of talking. Let alone on national TV, while shifting the blame, and  now trying to rename a communist county to match a definition it does not . . . . fit.

Per me and confirmed by my mother from South Korea:

North Koreans are NOT “terrorists”. 

Perhaps the Warmbier family would like to meet my mother from South Korea, who remembers Korea prior to WWII.  It was ONE entire country, before communism infiltrated like a poison . . . and targeted against the United States of America.

Sadly their attitudes are only going to burn in their own hearts: Unforgiveness, bitterness, anger, name calling, and blame.

I recorded a brief conversation with my mother from South Korea, but she put the Warmbier’s to shame.

SHE covered:

  • teaching children to not steal (as in me and very blunt . . . . we laughed because she’s hard on me, but I respect and obey her, or vice versa even to this day, right?),
  • put the onus on the parents, (she included herself, of course!)
  • told Korean history in pretty much one sentence,
  • concluded with gratitude,
  • and thanked United States for freedom.

Three (3) minutes.  THE END.

My mother’s advice to parents:

Do NOT allow your children to visit ANY country that does NOT like America.


If communism were terrorizing, it would be spelled T-E-R-R-O-R.

If North Koreans were terrorists they would NOT be isolated, holding their citizens hostage who want to DEFECT, yearning and now dying from decades of waiting to see family members in the South portion of their homeland.

Tell me I’m wrong.

My words are really those of my mother from South Korea. She lived through two (2) wars, and still struggles unintentionally singing the propaganda song taught to her by the Japanese, against the USA, to the American flag she never saw as a child, nor any American people . . . .

BUT the irony is truly in our last name.  A few know, yet most don’t make the connection. The irony BLOWS my mind!  (Think of the NFL for a second.)

(PLEASE . . . . out of respect, IF you do know . . . . do not reveal it!)

Otto Warmbier’s parents proved my first piece (here) showing they taught their son absolutely nothing about respect or responsibility about property belonging to another, let alone of that regarding a notoriously harsh communist country . . . . namely, North Korea of all places whose punishment is hard labor camp.


They defiantly attempted to shift blame, by changing HISTORY!

When I asked my mother from South Korea what she’d think if I went to North Korea, her answer went like this:

“You don’t go in first place, I wouldn’t let you.”

-©My Korean mother

I asked if I stole a poster and ended up in prison, what would you think?

“You-aa, you deserve to be . . . .  ah, ah being crook, because I never teach you stealing. Ēm!?! You know? But he stoling somebody else’s stuff, and even in communist country . . . . if-a they do have-a poster.”

-©My Korean mother

(In case you’re curious, there is a dialect in her Korean accent. She’s from the southern most region of South Korea.)


Where, by the way, my South Korean mother previously said that the soldiers nearby Otto, IF THEY cracked a smile they too would probably be in the same hard labor camp. (Then, naturally I cracked a family joke, because that’s how WE LIVE! WE love to LAUGH! It’s here.  Please join in!)

She did say with sadness in her heart, (as she truly loves children) that Otto was probably tortured:

“… because those people [North Koreans] have no remorse”.

-©My Korean mother

Let me add, those soldiers may even be dead if they got out of line, like the current young savage/“head’s” brother (here).  It’s hard for me to call that young deranged male a ‘leader’ in North Korea.


Here’s what REALLY gets to me. This wasn’t glaring in the media spotlight, but I happened to read it.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reported Otto was a “globetrotter”, and the following dichotomous reports of Otto Warmbier’s postmortem examination and/or appearances:

Cindy Warmbier said: “They destroyed him.”  Fred Warmbier accused North Korean officials of torturing their child to the point thatit looked like someone had taken a pair of pliers and rearranged his bottom teeth.


But the coroner’s postmortem examination of Otto Warmbier did not indicate the young man’s teeth had been disfigured. “The teeth are natural and in good repair,” the report said, and his nose and ears show “no remarkable alteration.”

Emphasis mine.

There is a receipt somewhere proving I paid for the domain. Allow me to pose a question to you, so here it goes:

Is it possible Otto Wambier would be ALIVE today, had he NOT gone to North Korea at all? 

That brings me to another question.

IF . . . . the answer is YES, then please tell me . . . . HOW did “They destroy him“?

Otto Warmbier made plans with, and PAID the Young Pioneer Tours, where I’ve already written their words (here).  Maybe a screen selection from their website is easier to comprehend.

Young Pioneer Tours

I don’t know what it takes to get through anyone’s skull, anymore . . . . or if it’s even possible.

This piece has been sitting for days.

Remember the tsunami (here)?

I’m taking on water . . . .


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