First Encounter with Human Life Today

Are there individuals who you admittedly really don’t know, but somehow after speaking to one – almost makes your skin want to crawl?

Upon having made, a couple of sincere attempts to be polite – after someone had expressed something previously like – contempt, with a hint of bitterness, and spite;

The individual appears to have a need to be “more than you” attitude – worse off too, full of sass, a smart Aleck – as in, this person must fulfill a need to be a “know-it-all”.

You do realize that a “know-it-all”, truly knows very little at all – when it comes to knowing a lot.

“Know-it-alls” know what they know, and that’s all they’ve got.

So, you do your best to be polite, and all that person can do, or be back – is repeatedly bite – with a hint of bitterness, and spite.

Do you have someone in mind?

I sure do, but I have absolutely no recall of this person’s face, thus the random shadow profiles. Such individual’s faces aren’t worth taking up my mental space.

Like smoke in the wind – all of this shall pass. In other words, this person is like that chicken passing gas – in that guy’s face. (Imagine that.)




Remember that “character mirror” I’ve mentioned?

This call was a business transaction of sorts, OK?

So, let’s imagine if they were talking to you as they hoped to own the established business someday behaving in such a way. You could be their customer right now, holding that “character mirror” in front of that potential business owner’s face.




It’s reflecting that person’s so-called “customer service”.

What that person cannot foresee as a smart Aleck with a hint of bitterness, and spite – is – ONE day, as a customer, I’m going to drop that mirror in their establishment, turn around, and walk away.

It’s all figurative, right? Mmmmm… yeah, right. Once I’m done, I will turn my back, I will walk away, and will not ever return. I’m pretty confident with what I say.

This is my foresight talking now. It’s so bad, my body language is also speaking loudly.

Marketing is one of my degrees, and covers much of my business background.  I also happen to be one who is intolerant of people behaving as if they belong in a zoo.

How does “customer service” work (like it’s meant), by attempting to try and treat me – as if I were a monkey – in need of a trainer?

Ever heard of “When Animals Attack“?  Now, why would they EVER do that?

This may well backfire, but not on me.  See, I’m still the customer, and I obviously “talk”.

I’m not sure if you can tell by the way I write, but when push comes to shove – I can float like a dove, and sting like a bee – both written and verbally.  This may or may not change, when I begin to speak at my next opportunity.

There comes a time when enough is enough, I only take so much of other people’s “stuff”.  I am still the customer… and as I recall “the customer is always right“, correct?

If someone has a personal problem, then they need to find another way to find relief.

Nobody, I say,

“NOBODY should ever be another person’s whipping post.”

Let it slip by – they take an inch.
Give them an inch – they take a mile.

Once they took a mile – then you no longer smile.  Am I right?

Time to gain traction.
One cannot allow someone – sadistic satisfaction.

I’ve said it before years ago, and I’ll probably say it until the day I leave planet Earth. This is my quote:

“Abuse, oppression, dictators, tyranny, the acts of socialism, etc., however you want to describe communism, and/or such people like assailants or predators – all begin within the four walls of someone/anyone’s house, then spread corporate wide, and then from there it moves onto the big White House on Pennsylvania Avenue (i.e. government).

Everyone wants to control the world.

Not me.”

(©iKat Style)

What I do believe now? After many, many years, it has spread to a global power, but always remember it begins right in front of your face, perhaps in your own heart (“it” has a name) and it bleeds through everything we see and do.

I could go through an entire storyline shattering the mirror, putting it back together again, and then explaining how it all makes sense – but now I will graciously bow out.

Curtains please!

Close enough.  (Get your smile back!)

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.


bigMONEY jar


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