First Encounter with Human Life Today

Are there individuals who you admittedly really don’t know, but somehow after speaking to one . . . . almost makes your skin want to crawl?

Upon having made (God knows) a couple of sincere attempts to be polite . . . . after someone had expressed something previously like . . . . contempt, with a hint of bitterness, and spite;

The individual appears to have a need to be “more than you” attitude . . . . worse off too, full of sass, a smart aleck . . . . as in, this person must fulfill a need to be a “know-it-all”.

You do realize that a “know-it-all”, truly knows very little at all . . . . when it comes to knowing a lot.

“Know-it-alls” know what they know, and that’s all they’ve got.

So, you do your best to be polite, and all that person can do, or be back . . . . is repeatedly bite with a hint of bitterness, and spite.

Do you have someone in mind?

I sure do, but I have absolutely no recall of this person’s face . . . . thus the random profiles. Such individual’s faces aren’t worth taking up my mental space.

Like smoke in the wind . . . . all of this shall pass. In other words, this person is like that chicken passing gas in that guy’s face. (Imagine that.)

Remember that “character mirror” I’ve mentioned twice now? (Here, and here.)

This call was a business transaction of sorts, OK?

So, let’s imagine if they were talking to you as they hoped to own the established business someday behaving in such a way . . . .  and you could be their customer right now, holding that “character mirror” in front of that potential business owner’s face.

It’s reflecting that person’s so-called “customer service”.  What that person cannot foresee . . . . as a smart aleck with a hint of bitterness, and spite . . . . is . . . . ONE day, as a customer I’m going to drop that mirror in their establishment, turn around, and walk away.

It’s all figurative, right? Mmmmm . . . . yeah, right. Once I’m done, I will turn my back, I will walk away, and will not ever return. I’m pretty confident with what I say.

This is my foresight talking now. It’s so bad, my body language is also speaking loudly.

Marketing is one of my degrees, and covers much of my business background.  I also happen to be . . . . one who is intolerant of people (in general) . . . . behaving as if they belong in a zoo.

How does “customer service” work (like it’s meant), by attempting to try and treat me . . . . as if I were a monkey . . . . in need of a trainer?

Ever heard of “When Animals Attack“?  Now, why would they EVER do that?

This may well backfire, but not on me.  See, I’m still the customer, and I obviously “talk”.

I’m not sure if you can tell by the way I write, but when push comes to shove . . . . I can float like a dove, and sting like a bee . . . . both written and verbally.  This may or may not change, when I begin to speak at my next opportunity.

There comes a time when enough is enough . . . . I only take so much of other people’s “stuff”.  I am still the customer . . . . as I recall “the customer is always right“, correct?

If someone has a personal problem, then they need to find another way to find relief.

Nobody, I say, “NOBODY . . . . should ever be another person’s whipping post.”

Let it slip by . . . . they take an inch.
Give them an inch . . . . they take a mile.

Once they took a mile . . . . then you no longer smile.  Am I right?

Time to gain traction.
One cannot allow someone . . . . sadistic satisfaction.

I’ve said it before years ago, and I’ll probably say it until the day I leave planet Earth. This is my quote:

“Abuse, oppression, dictators, tyranny, the acts of socialism, etc., however you want to describe communism, and/or such people like assailants or predators . . . . all begin within the four walls of someone/anyone’s house, then spread corporately, and then from there it moves onto the big White House on Pennsylvania Avenue . . . . (i.e. government).”

(©IM Infusion Musings)

What I do believe now . . . . after many, many years, it has spread to a global power.  Always remember it begins right in front of your face, perhaps in your own heart (“it” has a name) . . . . it bleeds through everything we see and do.

I could go through an entire storyline shattering the mirror, and putting it back together again . . . . explaining how it all makes sense, but now I will graciously bow out.

Curtains please!

Close enough.  (Get your smile back!)

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.


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©IM Infusion Musings