Ole Miss Greek Life Retreat, Leadership, and a Banana Peel

Immediately after reading the third version of the aforementioned article, my mind went back,
To an endearing memory of one of my best friends in grade school, and of course – she happens to be – black.

Here’s the original article:

Ole Miss Greek life retreat ends abruptly with bias concerns.

This is what they saw, and I was harassed with scorching words as a child from the age of 7, which I dare not utter. They saw someone’s trash hanging in a tree because he couldn’t find an accommodating barrel.


I had a revelation that I’ve not ever said I’m “white”, because I’ve identified myself through my mother, who is from South Korea. (It’s since been deleted.)

Anyway, my grade school friend and I, had nicknames for each other, but only one is applicable for this twisted banana extravaganza. She called me, “yellow banana”.

Is yellow a color? 

After my pleasant memory lingered on for a while, I thought of how much safer it was, with that banana peel up in the tree. See, I’ve known someone to step on one, only to learn it’s not just comedy. Banana peels REALLY can be slippery!

Watch, the myth is pretty much busted right here:

So I went back to the original “news” article via The DM Online, to the first paragraph:

This weekend, leaders from Ole Miss Greek life convened upon Camp Hopewell in Lafayette County for a three-day retreat designed to build leaders and bring campus closer together. The retreat was cut short Saturday night, however, after three black students found a banana peel in a tree in front of one of the camp’s cabins.

Emphasis mine.

My mind is flashing,

Leadership, closer together, cut short, black students, banana peel

to my

growing up in the 1960’s, best friend is black, we loved the three-legged race, I have the photographs.

Still thinking,

“We’re tied at the ankles, arms wrapped around each other, and I’m talking to her about stepping on her foot“!

It’s the antitheses of everything they said.

Leadership” is my friend, who happens to be black telling me, “That’s okay! Keep running!” I swear she helped carry me across the finish line – to this day.

We got third place, in the three-legged race, and it’s the only ribbon (in a race) I may have ever won. I still have that ribbon, too.

Today, this is the conversation about race, and I find it to be an utter disgrace:

“The overall tone was heavy,” McNeil, a senior integrated marketing communications and sociology major, said. “I mean, we were talking about race in Mississippi, at the University of Mississippi and in the Greek community, so there’s a lot involved.”

How odd, I just wrote about growing up next to a river, Harvey the storm, and safety first.  Prior to that I wrote about Paul Harvey and life in the 1960’s being America at its best.

“Race”, I associate race with track and field.  This is where their minds went:

At the start of this session, McNeil said one black student stood up and asked that everyone there google the American University incident to understand the banana peel’s significance…..

Well, here’s the significance I found. A banana peel is safer in a tree, because it really is slippery.

It’s also significant how I know banana peels are slippery, wouldn’t you think?

Back in the late 1980’s or so my Jewish fiancé slipped on one, and almost fell. He was pretty good at balancing himself, but maybe he did fall. You know? I honestly can’t recall. We did do our own recreation to prove it really was/is true.

I don’t make things up.


Studying Why Banana Peels Are Slippery Isn’t As Silly As It Seems

Have a taste from the “yellow banana”, my Korean mother and I still call “orientals” . . . . courtesy of Business Insider:

They were designed to make people laugh, but the Nobel Prize parody awards known as the Ig Nobels have actually brought attention to some hard-hitting scientific discoveries.

While uncovering the mystery of what makes banana peels so slippery, for example, a team of Japanese physicists nailed the fruit’s hidden quality that could someday help engineers craft a flexible artificial joint for a prosthetic limb.

Emphasis mine. THAT is leadership! Helping others for the betterment of society.

Being a leader who thinks outside the box, and an artist – I do my own search and wonder, “What is wrong with people today?

Click this link right here, and check out his “yellow banana” artistry!

Sometimes banana peels are just – trash. Be thankful it was hanging in the tree, and “you” didn’t have to be the one to learn experientially, that banana peels REALLY are, and can be slippery.

I’ve fallen by stepping on my own hardwood floor, and broke my ankle in three of the worst places requiring multiple surgeries.  WHY do people look for the worst possible outcome for themselves?

Is yellow a color?  Did I already ask that?


They could have done something creative and stimulated young minds – like a leader.

Being artistic is joyfully simple.  Pay it forward and expand ideas of capturing silly images in a snapshot of time.

Kudos to all the creative individuals behind these beautiful, happy, and safe photos!

bigMONEY jar


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