Harvey Hits Houston: Safety First

What I’m about to write,
Is not so much about hindsight.

God’s Word speaks about being prepared,
Doing so means perhaps one life, or the lives of others can be spared.

Everything begins at home.

Live with a safety plan, and think “safety first”. . . .
Be it family related emergencies, to a neighborhood watch, down to using a nightlight preventing bumps, fears, or falls in the night.

Many, many years ago, I was told by someone very special that he attended a business meeting in a large city, and stayed in his favorite upper floor level of the luxury hotel.

The hotel had a fire down below . . . . and guess where he couldn’t go?

His advice was to do as he did, stay close to the ground floor . . . . and if need be, there were any reason to flee . . . . voilà! He knew right where to exit, and head for the outside door.

Over the years, as a homeowner many things happened and by my creative design our home changed, yet one thing remained the same . . . . safety first.

Example: Ninety mile per hour windshear downed several old huge trees, smashed a restored car, our garage, and downed power lines. (Which you NEVER, NEVER touch!)

No electricity for well over a week makes one, like me feel like an awkward hillbilly . . . . hauling gasoline for a generator that was originally located in another state!


That’s what you do when power is too slowly restored to your house. (PLEASE . . . . Keep it located OUTSIDE!)

I grew up on the Mississippi River and witnessed one too many floods. My best friend’s house, neighbors nearby . . . . who were like family and friends had mud lines along their interior walls.

We lived safely on the other side of the levee and flood walls. What did I learn from it all?

Do not buy a house or rent in a flood prone area, find something that sits a bit high.

Finally, I don’t watch TV and haven’t for many years, OK? If I want to see the weather, I look at my weather app and scan the entire world for every ‘natural disaster’.

There are a few on twitter who really fascinate me, because weather is such a Divine Phenomena. The problem there is the emotional vortex that sucks people in, or down . . . . like a free flowing drain.

There’s a person behind each account, and I do not believe in pointing individuals out . . . . yet, pretending to help with screenshots using hashtags for Houston, while in India is a pathetically cruel hoax.

Another person clearly made up a story of separation to someone trying to get help. Having worked in emergency situations, I searched the intersection she “believed” it to be, NOT definitively . . . . only to see it was a lie, and so was the name on her account.


People were asking, ‘why all the spam in the hashtag?’ . . . . that meant so much to Americans. Well, it’s pretty clear that over the years a hatred has been brewing, and others would like to see those in the United States of America . . . . dead.

You figure out who is who.

Slow down, learn to research the facts, and/or know what is true.

Some and it appears, very few . . . . take the initiative to do what it takes to survive, because they are too busy spewing hates, lies, and now blame . . . . for something I saw coming.

Remember, I have not watched TV in approximately 10 years, music stopped in the 1990s, and so did movies.

I never was a movie buff, but read to see trends . . . because knowing what I know (via research) about media, in general . . . . it’s enough.

Safety first . . . . think about this:  Why blame anyone for a Divine Phenomena, when you are STILL alive?

Be thankful to God you survived!

Be aware, and ALWAYS, ALWAYS . . . . do your best to prepare.


I’ve lived in Houston, traveled Texas, find weather patterns of great interest;

If someone told me to put my social security number on my arm to be identified . . . . I’m outa there!

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