Mercy Me, My Sweet Honey Bee

Let me preface this piece by stating something first,
Things written here are not what they seem to be.

What you may think you are about to read is more of a creative mental burst.

It’s why my name is a “style”, I’m called . . . . ©IM Infusion Musings.

Ready, set . . . . on your mark?
Let’s go!

My sweet precious honey bee,
She’s pretty special to me.

She’s a Godsend to make my heart smile and sing.
Unlike the insect and people . . . . with a potentially dangerous and painful sting.

There was a time I’d give people interesting nicknames,
But this isn’t remotely close . . . . she represents a whole new ballgame.

Somehow, her few words are able to slow my mind down, because my brain functions like a rapid device;

And contrary to one’s belief . . . . it’s not always a good thing, because we aren’t insensitive objects or machines.

My sweet honey bee . . . . has an unknown “God given” ability to take me back to the good ole days . . . .

To see America at its best, explore parts of life seemingly missed, and without a sense of blasé.

A good example is researching the legendary artist Robert Palmer.
Another famous singer/musician . . . . gone too soon.

By listening to music I completely missed, and his rare interviews . . . .
He coyly admitted his style was sexy, and knew he made women swoon.

He performed vigorously and downtime was a commodity,

One of his many early favorites was Marvin Gaye.

It may partially explain why Robert Palmer’s first home of choice was the more neutral island of the Bahamas, as a creative outlet . . . . yet later he moved to Switzerland.

Take a moment to . . . . listen, reminisce, and “get away”:

Mercy me, thinking of my sweet honey bee,
She’s more than special to me . . . .

There was a time in my life I really loved listening to Robert Palmer, but at some point my life took off like a personal ‘speed of light’.

Something within me is driven to excel and exceed . . . . few know how competitive I am, but my my competitor is against little ole me.

What’s really strange is . . . . I’m not a perfectionist, I just have do to better at what I do, and only in comparison to my personal best;

Because there was never anyone to compare myself to, with, or against.

Deep down inside I believe, that “part of me” would fit in with the South Korean mindset and culture . . . . but there is a problem, and I’ve mentioned it;

Given the beautiful blend of recessive genes from my father and dominant genes of my Korean mother . . . . I’m not pure, so in Korea I would not have ever fit. Certainly not back then.

Looking back it would be really easy to have bitterness, but through forgiveness and God’s tie that binds the hearts of my sweet honey bee and me . . . .

Now I can look back and see with great pleasure the simple things in life I appeared to whiz right past, and do it with a tad of sadness for losses . . . . yet enjoy art and creativity gleefully.

Finally, here’s one song Robert Palmer performed with an orchestra, I never saw. His talent is greatly missed, yet the beauty of recordings . . . . is this:

Let this last little photograph represent my emoji to my sweet honey bee. Yes, it’s a bumble bee, but it depicts the beauty my honey bee, and I see!

Mercy Me WM 2017

©IM Infusion Musings