Artistry Born Out of Pain

“Visceral” is from WordPress, The Daily Post used as daily prompt, and the word for today.

“Visceral” has been lodged in my mind, and I’ve yearned to express it in various forms and creative ways.

Having counseled on a multitude of levels for decades, witnessing distraught souls – left with a sense of virtually no hope.

Many attempt to dull the pain of loss, broken hearts and various sorts of mental lack(s) of ease – with or without ideation of suicide, potentially harming others, cutting and/or beating themselves, to self medication with alcohol, pills, and/or their choice of dope.

My mind tends to lean toward the extreme regarding certain topics, and the lives or biographies of people who are artisticsally astounding to me. So visceral immediately brought many things together, with “artistry born out of pain”.

Two perfect examples:

Not having listened to their music until recently, and out of curiosity – Amy Winehouse is definitely more my style.

She had a sultry voice to match her embodiment of jazz, soul, rhythm and blues. She was also a storyteller, too.

In case you missed her video “Back to Black“, here’s Amy Winehouse:

Going visceral can be beautifully fatal. I would NOT and DO NOT recommend it for just anyone.

People exhibit signs of deterioration as these young people appeared to have done. Suicide comes in many forms.

In Amy Winehouse’s case it is stated she died from alcohol poisoning, which is an overdose of a chemical, regardless of what you want to believe.

Let me end with this – destroy a suicidal myth.

If someone is talking about suicide, or has passive suicidal ideations  – ASK them point-blank, “Are you thinking about killing yourself?

Reason being is this – You CANNOT put something in the mind of someone, when it already exists!

Contrary to what most “think”, one of two things will happen:

  1. They will be startled you asked, and you will see it on their face, or
  2. You will open the door for them to talk about their pain!!!

From there you can help save a life by calling a crisis line, going to the emergency room, or if you’re completely at a loss – call 911, or your country’s emergency telephone number.

THAT – is how you help prevent suicide!

Sharing this post could save a life.  Some of you may have been there already and had someone help save yours.

Please SHARE!

Show someone else – you REALLY do CARE!



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