Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner on Fourth Vacation in Vermont.

The photo is courtesy of DailyMail when Ivanka and Jared were in Aspen.  It appears in roles as President Trump’s Advisors, they aren’t very influential or reliable sources. They behave more like children who were “Born Rich“.

Per the DailyMail:

This latest trip to Vermont makes it their fourth family vacation since entering the White House six months ago.


Plus their historic scopes are pretty limited. One only needs to research or stop watching TV to learn their agendas. Everything is a dreadful repetition of itself.

There’s nothing new under the sun.

To learn more about how others view Ivanka and Jared Trump/Kushner, one has to read fashion magazines for those who know Ivanka best . . . . and her ‘celebrated life of wealth’.

From there one can get a better glimpse of “The Rest . . . . of the Story“.

The magazines lean Liberal, Progressive, Democrat and that’s perfectly OK!

Remember, everyone has their right to say whatever it is they want to say.

Could we ALL be mindful and respectful like back in the day . . . .

Keep profanity out . . . . to be an example to youngsters reading on the internet, and remember those before us . . . . like my very American Korean mother who broke barriers, lived the feminist dream, racial discrimination, and paved the intercultural way for orientals when they weren’t wanted?

Then unforgettably our Veterans who served for these freedoms which are under attack? Remember . . . . there is . . . . “no turning back“.

My life enables me to empathize on many levels . . . . many, OK?

See, Ivanka via her hierarchy of needs has an Achilles’ Heel, and appears to have unwittingly given up any semblance of feminism and/or independence.

The fashion industry sees right through her, because they know people who know Ivanka, and are really kind of rightfully upset. They further my theory that she and her husband are President Trump’s novelty and in many ways a weak link.

Yet, even the fashion industry attempts to spin that story, because they know Ivanka will never depart from her beloved and wealthy family . . . . Trump.

For example, here’s an excerpt from Vanity Fair‘s HIVE:

It’s a name that, until now, has served Ivanka well. As she noted in her first book, aptly named The Trump Card, which she wrote when she was already an executive in the family business at the age of 28, she was born with good fortune, and advantages, and “a name to match.” But “rather than worrying about what other people think or how they calibrate or credit our attributes and achievements,” she wrote, “my focus is to ensure that these successes continue for the next generation of Trumps. After all, we Trumps don’t play to perceptions. We play to win.”

Gosh I sound like my father, don’t I?” she continued. “But that’s what you get from this particular Daddy’s girl.”

Emphasis mine.

Keep in mind, that “family first” attitude now includes Jared Kushner, and the Kushner family is a highly structured political and business unit.

So it makes me wonder why the title overshadowing  . . . . this whole evil, murderous, and riotous event which took place in Charlottesville, Virginia . . . . was reported by a fashion and/or society magazine like beautiful Town&Country Magazine:

So where were his son-in-law Jared Kushner and daughter Ivanka Trump, two of Trump’s closest advisors in the White House, when all this was going down? Per the New York Times, they were on vacation in Vermont.

Who does President Trump thrash as one of the “fake news” sources? The New York Times

How are President Trump’s loyal followers to know that not only are they accepting Liberal, Democrat, Progressive ideologies via Ivanka and Jared Kushner/Trump . . . . but President Trump is overshadowing Ivanka and Jared’s vacationing absences and incompetencies.

The President’s weekends trips are all on his dime, but everything Ivanka and Jared stand for and Secret Service are on the taxpayer’s back . . . . Translated:  That’s you, yours too . . . . and mine!

I’ve yearned to see a businessman in office as I’ve viewed government as a business all my business life. For a pragmatic business man, and as a passionate business woman who loves to view fashion . . . . President Trump is doing a really good job.

President Trump is not perfect, but he is our President, right? Thank God for his stamina, for his beautiful wife with such style and grace. . . . but have you been grateful for his willingness to stay . . . . and fight?

Let that sink in . . . . What if he decided he’s had enough?

Has your type of support for truth in reporting been enough to make you and your family feel safe . . . . day and/or night?

Something seriously complex changed when I wrote the piece on Paul Harvey’s “The Rest of the Story” and I no longer see anyone or anything the same way . . . . again.

This time it’s inexplicably different . . . . call it another paradigm shift by the Grace of God . . . . except with greater empathy, clearer view on reality, deception, and truth.

I’m not going to bother trying to explain what I’ve already said.  One can only “beat a dead horse” so much . . . . because leave it alone, it’s already dead!

That’s an old American phrase up there. I was referring to the truth . . . . it’s timeless. Feel free to read, nothing I’ve written has changed . . . . except my attitude.

Here’s something my mother from South Korea taught me, but modified from me to you.

Communism is the same old thing and being played out in our faces . . . . it’s so watered down in my eyes and simplified . . . . it appears to be a combination of chess, a voodoo doll, and stress.

Guess who gets the stress?


If you love God, family, our America, Veterans, future generations, this beautiful planet, freedom, and truth . . . .

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