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In case you missed “The Rest of the Story” about the legendary Paul Harvey, see the quote? It’s a link that will take you right to it.

It’s OK with me.

I gladly explain the minutia of anything to my very American Korean mother, and do it to help her understand America . . . . as it is changing rapidly. Plus I’ve done it my entire life, can you tell . . . . I REALLY love being her daughter? . . . . and thank God for my mother!

It wasn’t the most viewed piece written (yet), but perhaps the most affective, and admittedly upon me.

It crossed a threshold opening my eyes on a multitude of dimensions. It might be what I’ve never referred to for myself as, an epiphany.

It went unnoticed that I figuratively fed Brussel sprouts, broccoli, and/or celery to . . . . adults who don’t even like those most detested veggies or foods.

Only one naturally spit it out.

If anyone is paying attention, I’m very well thought out and doing this technical gig alone. I’ve spent many hours contemplating how to go about handling what I currently see and envision.

I’m learning by trial and error, so you will see many errors. These past couple of weeks were filled with many a set back, causing me to resort to . . . . ye ole life of learning by “hack”.

For example, when my phone zapped what few apps I had left, in order to reconfigure it. In my mind, this is what I see.

No kidding. It still made my headache worse, because that tiny iPhone was literally blinding me!

Going from a website with Google Analytics to a WordPress site, is a public experience and privately bizarre. One definitely costs a tad more, yet this to me is like an engine to a mechanic . . . . looking under the hood of a car.

If you want to see how I spend MY time on aesthetics, what I see, and what I “THOUGHT” you all were seeing . . . then you have to go to (as I write it’s not a live link on here!), or go to a search engine . . . . and/or follow me.

The biggest thing I discovered is, I’m really part of three different types of social media, and the two most diverse are the ones to which I am/was really drawn. Each have taught me the most.

WordPress is a beautiful world of it’s own that I have barely begun to investigate, but from the people I see, they are very inherently filled with creativity.  It literally is . . . . the “world” of writing opening up to me.

Twitter is a bit mean spirited and I really don’t liked to be sucked in to that feeling, so I had been hanging around on LinkedIn. Sometimes I really miss the corporate and big city life that I gave up to be a homemaker and doting wife.

As time has lapsed, my phone took a crap . . . . and it no longer has a Twitter app.

Until recently, LinkedIn was very enjoyable then an accumulation of strange men and events made it unprofessionally unpleasant . . . . it too came to a bittersweet end.

Despite all that . . . . I can’t really explain what happened to me, it’s a compilation of everything that lead up to writing about Paul Harvey. A beautiful soul shared that video, out of courtesy I asked if I could use it, and I allowed it to Providentially settle in . . . . because that’s how I roll.

Sometimes to do the right thing, it “feels” like everything is going wrong. For those of who blaze our own trail, we know that old song . . . .  and it won’t hold any of us back.

As a veteran of life . . . . Am I right?

We may struggle within,  but “Always Look Up” and see the rainbow in the clouds , we carry on, and keep up the inward fight! (now you have to be at the live link, to understand for the changing aesthetics!)

(Oops! Update . . . . I changed the photo at the top. I do that . . . . until I find a comfortable spot.)

Until next time.  There’s that orange button again!


©IM Infusion Musings . . . . now.