Change. It’s Time.

It’s time for change,
But not time to explain.

Everything about the name I had previously chosen,
Was filled with personal meaning; including research about the beautiful tie-dyed fabric by Indonesian’s before it’s woven. (ikat)

Everything I do,
Gets filtered via this business operations and analytical mind . . . . repeatedly, through, and through.

This technical stuff may be child’s play to you, but it’s kind of like new to me,
Errors will be made for . . . . literally, the whole world to see.

I had a website and know all of this and/or that,
I managed it statewide and globally . . . . due to a gap, it’s some technical skills I lack.

Yet through living an abundant life . . . . we can learn,
Creativity is at times born by trial and error . . . . some will feel the burn.

Many burns will leave countless and many invisible scars,
Yet they create our ability to see beauty, and it becomes the fabric of our lives, or who we really are.

David Bowie’s song was the first thing to pop into my mind,
As music has been stopped in my life . . . . by time.

Enjoy one more time, his beautiful legendary voice.

Please visit or hit the link that may or may not appear dead right here –,
Follow the plume of smoke, and remember to “Always Look Up”.

My photography is natural, but I will filter my face . . . .
Call it my form of “makeup”, let me have some fun, and give this poor woman a break.

Because . . . .

From these ashes I too . . . . shall rise! And continue reaching for the sky!

Change Ashes Time

©IM Infusion Musings